Ukrainian Putschist Nazi Goon Squad Assaults Television Station Chief for ‘Pro-Russian’ Stance

Confirming that the new Ukrainian regime is acting out its Nazi roots, Britain’s Guardian and other media, including some from Germany, report a that a five-man Svoboda goon squad, led by Member of Parliament Igor Miroshnichenko, barged into the office of “pro-Russian” TV producer Oleksandr Panteleymonov, beat him up, and forced him to write a letter of resignation. They filmed the attack and posted it online, which video has received hundreds of thousands of hits.

Their disagreement with Panteleymonov was his broadcasting “pro-Russian” images during the stand-off in Kiev in recent months. As if Ukraine has become Nazi Germany, Miroshnichenko, who is on the new parliamentary committee on freedom of speech, said afterwards he did not believe he had done anything wrong.

Panteleymonov heads the Ukrainian state television company, which runs the First Channel. The Svoboda MP and his associates were furious that the channel had transmitted footage from Putin’s speech in the Kremlin on March 18 announcing that Crimea would become part of the Russian Federation.

“This assault on freedom of expression must be immediately investigated and those responsible must be prosecuted. Anything less will only open the door to further attacks against media professionals and activists,” said Heather McGill, Ukraine researcher at Amnesty International. “It is astonishing that a member of the parliamentary committee on freedom of speech was involved in this attack. The acting authorities must send a signal that this sort of behavior will not be tolerated in Ukraine.”

Presidential candidate and one of ‘Victoria’s Secrets’ Vitali “Klitsch” Klitschko demanded an investigation. But who will investigate the Svoboda goon squad? The prosecutor general, who is also from Svoboda??

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