Boston’s Holy Cross celebrates St Patrick’s Day – pictures


Cardinal O’Malley wrote in his blog: “There were bagpipes and step dancers and we always like to incorporate the Irish language into the liturgy. This year, the wife of the new consul-general of Ireland Carmel Ó Caollaí proclaimed the first reading for us in Irish. Also, the students from Catholic Memorial read the petitions in Irish. We are very proud of the fact that the Irish language is being taught at Catholic Memorial… In my homily, I reminded the people that St. Patrick was a missionary disciple of the kind that Pope Francis speaks so often about. According to scholars, Patrick was the very first person in history to denounce the institution of slavery. In the ancient world, and even into the 19th century, slavery was widely accepted as a valid institution, a necessary evil. So, Patrick’s denunciation of slavery, based on his own experience and his reading of the Gospel, is a most significant step forward in human history. Our task as sons of Patrick and daughters of Patrick, is to make a better world where the love of God and neighbor brighten the landscape and point us to our eternal homeland, where like Patrick we live the life of the resurrection in the presence of the triune God. The shamrock is our symbol and reminder of Patrick’s preaching to our ancestors. Now it’s our turn to be messengers of the Gospel of joy,”

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