Rohrabacher, Grayson Denounce Anti-Russian Hysteria in Congress

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.) and Rep. Alan Grayson (D-Fla.) countered the anti-Russian hysteria in Congress, yesterday, when the House Foreign Affairs Committee met to discuss a bill that would authorize additional sanctions on Russian officials and executives.

Rohrabacher, Bloomberg reports, accused the bill’s backers of pushing the U.S. headlong into another Cold War. “While Russia’s military takeover of Crimea was ill-advised,” Rohrabacher said, “it’s not the Soviet Union. Let’s seek peace with these people.”

Grayson said the committee failed to appreciate Crimea’s right to self-determination. “We can’t ignore the fact that millions of people in Crimea, at least until now, felt they were stuck in the wrong country,” Grayson said. “The basic principle here is self-determination. That’s what happend in Crimea. It’s not for us to determine otherwise.”

Breitbart quoted Grayson saying, “What we’re seeing here instead is the vilification of [Russian President Vladimir] Putin, the vilification of [Viktor] Yanukovych, the vilification of anybody who we try to identify as our enemy. Before, it was Saddam Hussein. Before that and since then, it’s been [Bashar al-] Assad. This does not help.”

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