Barack ‘Strangelove’ Obama Plays Nuclear War Video Game With World Leaders

President Barack Obama turned the Nuclear Security Summit in the Hague on Monday into a psywar session on just how close we are to nuclear extinction. Over strong protests from German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron herded the 35 world leaders attending the fourth NSS into a computer game based on a scenario of terrorists attacking a major world city with a stolen dirty nuclear bomb.

The scenario targeted a major city—”the City of London, or Wall Street or Milan,” summit leaders were told. There were three professionally produced videos that the leaders were cajoled into watching and then responding in “real-time” to the options of how to respond. The Daily Telegraph reported on March 25 that German Chancellor Merkel was very upset at the war game ambush, and that she strongly objected, calling it ‘inappropriate” for such a high-level meeting of world leaders. Ultimately, Obama pressured her into playing. The Daily Telegraph reported that “Obama, the only leader who played the game accompanied by a senior official, is understood to have pushed for the demonstration to take place.”

Merkel was not the only one who was stunned by the Obama summit stunt. Yesterday’s New York Daily News had a near-fullpage frontpage picture of the Manhattan skyline with a nuclear mushroom cloud behind it, sub-headlined “A nuke in NYC, Mr. President?” with a glaring headline, “Thanks for Sharing!” The frontpage picture was accompanied by an editorial headlined “President Strange Love,” which began, “Now New Yorkers know what President Obama means when he talks about a nuclear freeze: ‘It’s the blood-chilling sensation that he inflicted by expressing worry about an atomic attack here…’ Coming out of the blue, the statement carried the suggestion that Obama had grounds for fears that were more terrible and immediate than the general threat level that has shadowed life in the five boroughs for almost 13 years. We could have done without visions that loomed—a mushroom cloud over Rockefeller Center, a radiation-poisoned Times Square—out of the President’s attempt to defend his policy toward Russia by saying, in effect, that Putin is no Bin Laden.”

The editorial also linked the Obama war-game ploy with his drive to defend National Security Agency meta-data gathering on American citizens. By scaring the Hell out of Americans, particularly New Yorkers, he hopes to once again get away with the unconstitutional mass spying.

Lyndon LaRouche commented that Obama’s psychotic performance at the Hague is one more indication that he has degenerated into a real Nero phase, where he is out to kill and cannot hide his mania.

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