Tremonti’s New Book Exposes: Italy Faked Its Books with Derivatives in Order To Get into the Euro

Giulio Tremonti has written a new book, Lies and Truth, which is reviewed by Italian media. In the book, Tremonti exposes its submission to the euro regime as the geopolitical condition for Germany to be allowed to reunify: “At the end of the ’80s, as in the previous decades, the historic fear of Germany was still omnipresent. In 1989, after the fall of the Berlin Wall, it was feared that, if Germany reunified and kept its currency, then Germany would not integrate with Europe but Europe would integrate into Germany.”

“Officially the do ut des of German unification, end of the d-mark and birth of the euro has always been denied. Only once, questioned, a protagonist of that process answered enigmatically: ‘Great ideas can sometimes be helped by circumstances.'”

However, it was German “industrialists” who then insisted on having Italy join the euro and faking the books in order to do so. The Italian government bought derivatives contracts in order to write incomes in the books and hide losses in the future. “Italy’s figures did not allow it to enter the euro from the beginning; it did so by faking its books.” Tremonti mentions a meeting in Geneva where it was decided that Italy must enter the euro from the beginning, where “German industrialists” convinced German banks.

Two “soft” coups d’état have been executed in Italy in recent years, Tremonti writes. The first one, in 1992-93, when “the theology of privatizations” was implemented as an absolute remedy against the state as absolute evil. Thus, large sections of the national industrial wealth was sold “through debt, to capitalists without capital.”

The second coup was in August-November 2011, when the nation was surrendered to technocrats led by Mario Monti.

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