Farage Blasts EU and British Government: They Have “Blood on Their Hands” in Ukraine

In a debate with British Deputy Prime Minister and head of the Liberal Democratic Party Nick Clegg, UK Independence Party head Nigel Farage blasted the European Union and the British government’s Ukraine policy that has left it with “blood on its hands.”

During the debate on Britain’s relationship to the EU, Farage said: “We should hang our heads in shame.” He said the British government had encouraged the EU to pursue an “imperialist, expansionist” agenda. “We have given a false series of hopes to a group of people in the western Ukraine and so geed up were they that they actually toppled their own elected leader,” he said. “That provoked Mr. Putin, and I think the European Union, frankly, does have blood on its hands in the Ukraine. I don’t want a European army, navy, air force or a European foreign policy. It has not been a thing for good in the Ukraine.”

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