U.S. Cancels Anti-Drug Cooperation with Russia Aimed at Afghan Heroin Boom

As Obama fawns with the British Monarchy’s ally, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) ended collaboration with Russia’s Federal Drug Control Service, which has been pushing the United States to join a plan for international collaboration to once and for all end the Afghan heroin trade. Itar-Tass quotes ONDCP Press Officer Rafael Lemaitre stating this.

Afghanistan’s opium economy began when Britain and the United States, starting with Zbigniew Brzezinski in 1979, created the heroin-for-weapons narco-trafficking infrastructure to finance the Afghan Muhjahideen whose Jihad training followed Saudi Wahabist tenets. By the mid-1980s, the British-Saudi Al Yamamah weapons deal was used to create a covert war chest from which more money was fed into the Mujahideen and their opium economy. The Afghan supplied heroin economy has since continued unbroken, and with the NATO invasion of Afghanistan, has expanded upwards of 40 times.

Russia’s drug czar Victor Ivanov had attempted to work with U.S. Drug Czar, ONDCP head Gil Kerlikowske, a former Seattle police chief, to prepare an international plan to be implemented in the context of the NATO troop withdrawal from Afghanistan. Other back channels, with the U.S. military and Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), included discussion with Europeans, and in particular Germany, whose police train Afghan police, as well as German military strategists. The latter have been looking to bring Europe on board with Ivanov’s plan, centered on opium crop suppression if not eradication, and state-subsidized useful crop plantings and industrial job development. As Ivanov emphasized at his Moscow Experts Conference on March 25, this would also involve breaking the link between the banks and their intake of narcotics cash to forestall their bankruptcy crisis in the London-run, imperial, Inter Bank Market (made famous by the LIBOR crimes).

With the move putting Victor Ivanov on the sanctions and visa ban list, and Friday’s ban on cooperation, Obama has (yet again) exposed himself as a tool of Britain’s modern version of the 19th Century Opium Wars against China. You’d almost think he had been elected with drug money, courtesy of George Soros.

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