Barack Obama and Dirty Dick Cheney: Jeppesen, State Secrets, Rendition, Torture and Gun Running to Al-Qaeda

Next week the U.S. Senate will reportedly consider a vote calling on Obama to release a report prepared by the Senate Intelligence Committee on rendition and torture carried out under Dirty Dick Cheney. The issue came to a head after it was revealed by Senator Dianne Feinstein that the CIA had illegally spied on Senate staff members and with the approval of Obama was attempting to get the Department of Justice to prosecute Senate staff members for allegedly gaining illegal access to classified documents.

With Obama citing executive privilege as the basis for refusing to hand over an additional 9,000 documents on Dirty Dick Cheney’s crimes, the case of the Boeing subsidiary Jeppesen is paradigmatic of the unconstitutional takeover of the United States government on behalf of the British Empire by Dirty Dick Cheney and his super-clone Barack Obama.

The drive by the British Empire through its Cheney super-clone stooge Barack Obama for thermonuclear war makes it imperative that Obama be removed from office now. The lawless, anti-Constitutional behavior revealed in the Jeppesen case is merely an extraordinary case in point.

Jeppesen was contracted by the CIA to arrange rendition flights which resulted in torture soon after September 11, 2001. A case was brought against Jeppesen in 2007, but thanks to Barack Obama was dismissed in 2010 on the grounds of state secrets, a doctrine which does not appear in the U.S. Constitution.

It then turns out according to the United Nations that the same Jeppesen firm also arranged the flights of the Qatari Air Force to illegally fly weapons from Libya to Turkey for distribution of weapons to al-Qaeda in Syria, in violation of the UN arms embargo against shipment of weapons to or from Libya. The UN panel requested information from Jeppesen for flights that it arranged beginning July 2012, two months before the U.S. mission and CIA annex in Benghazi were attacked.

The complaint brought against Jeppesen in 2007 argued that Jeppesen participated in the forced disappearance, torture, and inhumane treatment of three plaintiffs. The complaint states that “since at least 2001, Jeppesen has provided direct and substantial services to the United States for its so-called ‘extraordinary rendition program,’ enabling the clandestine and forcible transportation of terrorism suspects to secret overseas detention facilities where they were placed beyond the reach of the law and subjected to torture and other forms of cruel, inhuman, or degrading treatment. Publicly available records demonstrate that Jeppesen facilitated more than 70 secret rendition flights over a four-year period to countries where it knew or reasonably should have known that detainees are tortured or otherwise abused in contravention of universally accepted legal standards.

“Among other services provided, Jeppesen prepared pre-departure flight planning services, including itinerary, route weather, and fuel plans; procured necessary landing and overflight permits for all legs of the rendition flights; and through local agents, arranged fuel and ground handling for the aircraft, filed flight plans with national and inter-governmental air traffic control authorities; paid passenger fees for the crew; and made arrangements to secure the safety of the aircraft and crew on the ground.

“In providing its services to the CIA, Jeppesen knew or reasonably should have known that Plaintiffs would be subjected to forced disappearance, detention, and torture in countries where such practices are routine. Indeed, according to published reports, Jeppesen had actual knowledge of the consequences of its activities. A former Jeppesen employee informed The New Yorker magazine that at an internal board meeting, a senior Jeppesen official stated: ‘We do all the extraordinary rendition flights you know, the torture flights. Let’s face it, some of these flights end up that way.’ Jane Mayer, Outsourced: The CIA’s Travel Agent, The New Yorker, Oct. 30, 2006.

“On information and belief, Jeppesen had two employees who were ‘specifically designated’ to provide services for the program. Just as important as the provision of these services, Jeppesen’s role as coordinator with virtually all public and private third parties has permitted the CIA to conduct its illegal activities below the radar of public scrutiny and beyond the reach of the rule of law. For example, on information and belief, through its interaction with government officials for procurement of overflight and landing permits for the aircraft Jeppesen enabled the CIA to sidestep its obligations under the Convention on International Civil Aviation, which requires any aircraft conducting State business to request relevant authorizations from host nations.

“Flight records obtained by a European Parliamentary inquiry and a parallel investigation by the Council of Europe into CIA activities in Europe, together with other flight records obtained from national civil aviation authorities in Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands, and Italy in the course of criminal and journalistic investigations in those countries, reveal that over a four-year period, beginning on or around December 16, 2001, Jeppesen provided flight and logistical support to at least 15 aircraft which made a total of 70 flights. The European Parliament and the Council of Europe concluded that all of these flights were made in the context of the extraordinary rendition program.”

In 2010, after a three-judge panel had determined that the case should proceed, the Obama administration appealed that decision citing State Secrets. The appeals board dismissed the case in its entirety in a 6 to 5 vote before Jeppesen had even filed an answer to the complaint.

A dissenting opinion pointed out that the “state secrets doctrine is a judicial construct without foundation in the Constitution, yet its application often trumps what we ordinarily consider to be due process of law.” The dissent also quotes a letter written by former Attorney General Herbert Brownell in 1953 to President Eisenhower in which he wrote that “classification procedures were then so broadly drawn and loosely administered as to make it possible for government officials to cover up their own mistakes and even their wrong-doing under the guise of protecting national security.”

Having covered for Dirty Dick Cheney’s crime’s, the Obama then employed Jeppesen to aid in the illegal transport of weapons by Qatar from Libya to Turkey for distribution to al-Qaeda in Syria.

In a UN report issued on Feb. 15, 2014, the following is stated:

“The flight plans of the Qatari C17 are made by Jeppesen, an American company based in Colorado that is a subsidiary of Boeing. The Panel contacted Jeppesen to obtain information regarding these flights, including the cargo transported. The panel also asked Jeppesen to provide the list of the flights operated by Qatari C17 to Libya since July 2012. The company responded that it was not involved in the process of obtaining Diplomatic Clearances for the Qatar Air Force and did not know the contents of the flight cargo for the flights it plans. Jeppesen did not provide the list of flights which the Panel requested.”

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