Feinstein On CNN: My Statement On The CIA Stands

Senate Intelligence Committee chairman Dianne Feinstein, asked about her dispute with the CIA, said that her 40-minute speech on the Senate floor “was carefully put together. I believe it is accurate. And I believe those words should stand.” In those remarks, Feinstein had referred to Constitutional violations committed by the Obama administration’s CIA.

“The problem is that the CIA went into walled-off Senate computers in a bona fide investigation that is being done of the detention and interrogation of detainees. Having said that, that is a problem. And it isn’t the first time, it is actually the third time. So this is a serious issue. I have asked for an apology and a statment that it would never happen again. I have not received this to this day. That is of concern to me and I would really like to leave it at that.”

Feinstein said that “the NSA program of data collection is the most overseen program we have,” adding that “there are thousands of other programs that need a look at and need some method to track them, evaluate them. And that is our next big effort after we finish this detention and interrogation report.”

She also stated that “any student of Russian history knows how important the Crimea was and is to Russia… The Crimea is dominantly Russian, a referendum was passed. That, I think, has been done. But Ukraine is a different subject.”

Feinstein made the comments on CNN today, on State of the Union with Candy Crowley.

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