International Intelligence Agencies Investigating Possible Terrorism In MH 370 Incident

Despite the mathematical gobbledygook the British tried to sell to the world, which Malaysian authorities readily accepted, the family members of the lost airlines’ passengers have made it loudly clear that the dunking of the aircraft in the southern Indian Ocean is a hoax and they would not accept it, because not a shred of evidence exists to make that assumption. It is highly probable that the hoax was promoted to misdirect the search, provide the cover to where the airplane is and for what purpose it was taken, and to send countries on a wild goose chase in a vast area, the combing of which could take as long as two years. There was also an attempt to direct people’s attention to the alleged unstable state of mind of the Malaysian pilot, implying he was ready to commit suicide when he boarded the plane.

What has been conveniently overlooked in most of the discussions is that the flight time of the plane suggests it could be in a number of terrorist-infested areas. To name a few: Yemen, Somalia, Kazakhstan-Kyrgyzstan-Turkmenistan, and Pakistan’s ungoverned FATA. In addition, it was also revealed that a 35 year-old Uyghur, who had undertaken six-months of flight simulation training, was on board. Uyghurs are waging an insurgency against China with foreign support.

From the outset it became clear that the mysterious disappearance of Flight MH 370 was most likely a terrorist hijacking, for use in a subsequent 9/11 copycat incident, as Lyndon LaRouche has suggested.

Who is responsible for this brazen hijack and what kind of terror-related event this plane will be used for has so far remained a mystery. The British ploy could have been to buy time by misdirecting the search and to tighten up the loose ends. This ploy got the Malaysians engaged and has already set back the real search by almost 22 days.

Today, the Times of India, reporting from London, said secret services from the UK, the US and China have been involved in the investigations into the disappearance of the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, adding to speculation that the plane’s disappearance could be due to terrorism.

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