Lavrov Says Russia Is Being Encircled by U.S. Military Deployments

In a Saturday interview with Sergei Brilyov on Russia TV, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said: “By the way, I saw an interesting picture on the internet of the Russian Federation, and red dots indicating locations of American military bases around it. It is impressive. They number more than a hundred. And an American serviceman’s phrase there: ‘How does Russia dare to settle so close to our bases?'”

Although there are various maps available on the internet showing such bases, only the map prepared by LaRouche PAC showing BMD and related thermonuclear war capabilities encircling both Russia and China, reflects the full danger that is behind the ongoing Ukraine conflict.

Lavrov’s comments, Itar-Tass reported, came in response to a question about news reports that Russia was planning to open naval bases in Vietnam, Nicaragua, Cuba, Argentina, and the Seychelles. “It is not true at all. We have no plans to create naval and military bases abroad in the meaning you understand the term.” He said the only thing being negotiated was the right to make port calls, service ships, etc.

Lavrov also emphasized that, in Ukraine, “We are convinced that a new constitution should clearly state the non-bloc status of Ukraine. The Americans hear this. As to how much they understand this can be judged from their public statements. Last week in Brussels, President Barack Obama said that neither Ukraine nor NATO was prepared for this, and this issue should not be discussed now.” Asked if Ukrainian de facto prime minister Yatsenyuk had addressed the issue, Lavrov said: “He hasn’t, for the time being. But we are convinced that there must be no ambiguity on this matter. There are too many ‘for the time beings’ and ‘lack of intentions.’ Intentions change, but facts are made on the ground.”

A day earlier, on March 28, the Russian Foreign Ministry called for an international assessment of rights violations in Ukraine, saying “more and more Ukrainian residents are looking for refuge in Russia. We believe the fate of these people should not go unnoticed by influential international organizations, including the UN, OSCE, and the Council of Europe, which should clearly demonstrate their readiness to protect their rights.”

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