Al-Qaeda Has Set Up Bases in India To Trigger Communal Riots and Recruit Jihadis for Syrian Conflict

Indian intelligence reports indicate Al Qaeda al-Hind (AQAH), the Indian arm of al-Qaeda, has become active in light of the upcoming parliamentary elections in India scheduled to begin on April 5. Estimated to be about 300 trained terrorists in strength, whose cells are located in the cities of Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kozhikode in Kerala, Jaipur, and Patna, the objective of the terrorists is “eliminating Narendra Modi,” the prime ministerial candidate of the leading party, BJP. The calculation being that taking out Modi would unleash violent Hindu-Muslim riots across the country that would poison the communal relations in India for decades to come and strangle India’s developmental efforts.

“Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence (ISI), out of deference to the need to keep fooling the United States, provides assistance in the form of sophisticated communications equipment, training and the funnelling of money from private sources in Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait to groups infiltrated by AQAH, rather than to the organisation directly,” a senior police officer told the Indian media.

In addition, the AQAH is trying to recruit in large numbers young Sunni Muslims who would participate in the on-going conflict in Syria. According to a senior intelligence officer, “the war in that country between the Wahhabis and the Assad administration requires tens of thousands of volunteers, and India has been targeted as a source for hundreds and eventually thousands of recruits for al-Qaeda operations in Syria,” a country where the ongoing conflict has resulted in the creation of multiple safe zones for terror operatives to train.

“While most Syrian students are apolitical, there are a few in Delhi and in Hyderabad who have been recruited by Qatari and Saudi sympathizers of the Syrian armed opposition to try and persuade other Arab students and also Indians to join in the fighting,” the intelligence officer said.

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