UKIP Leader Blasts Imperial European Union

During the course of his second debate with Deputy Prime Minister and Liberal Democratic leader Nick Clegg, Nigel Farage, leader of the anti-EU United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), hit at the core of the Empire’s conception of the European Union, which, he correctly charged, is building an edifice that is a “danger to peace.”

Farage’s argument goes along the lines of what EIR‘s Mark Burdman exposed in a July 2, 2004 EIR article, where he quoted Robert Cooper, one of the most influential British diplomats, associated with the Monarchy’s Tony Blair, on the role he (and his backers) envisioned for the European Union. We quote:

“He [Cooper] went on to cite three phenomena that were emblematic of the current trend toward the ‘new imperialism’: the International Monetary Fund (IMF), globalization, and the European Union. He lauded IMF ‘interference in domestic affairs,’ as similar to Anglo-French colonial control of Egyptian finances in the 1870s. The IMF-focused system, he wrote, would be the core of what he called ‘the imperialism of globalization.’

“Of course, by so writing, he avoided the obvious point, that IMF austerity/’conditionality’ policies foster the descent of states into chaos and barbarism, as can most graphically be seen, now, in the case of Argentina.

“He concluded by recommending that the EU evolve into a new ‘cooperative empire’ that would be ‘like Rome.'”

After blasting EU policy on open immigration (a favorite UKIP hobby-horse), Farage got to the heart of the issue:

In answer to the question on EU foreign policy, Farage warned that the EU is “becoming a political union with an expansionary foreign policy with the aim to militarize as quickly as they can…” He pointed out that EU Commission foreign affairs head “Kathy Ashton is pushing very hard for a European Air Force and a series of drones”. He then reported what he said in the last debate, that the EU has been egging on the Ukrainians for the last ten year years to join the EU. He went further, to accuse Prime Minister David Cameron, Clegg, and Labour Party leader Ed Miliband as having told the Ukrainians, “Why don’t you join the European Union, and while you’re at it, why don’t you join NATO.” He added that this has been “seen by President Putin as a deeply provocative act…” And with the EU’s encouragement the western Ukrainians have “toppled a democratically elected leader.” He concluded his answer by saying he does not want to be part of an “expansionary European Union; it will be a danger [to] peace.”

Farage then attacked the war policy of the British government, and called for an end to British military intervention. He told the deputy prime minister: “You were absolutely hellbent on getting involved militarily in the war in Syria, and I personally am delighted we didn’t go to war in Syria, and we’re not going to get involved, I hope, in military conflict in the Ukraine. The British people have had enough of endless foreign military interventions.”

Farage again won his debate against Clegg. Now speculation is that in the next general elections the candidates’ debate there will be pressure to allow Farage to join it. But if that happens, the Guardian warns, it will most likely be called off for fear that Farage could beat all three political party leaders. Later in the day, Labour Party leader Miliband in fact said Farage should not be in the debate, because UKIP has no members in the British Parliament.

For more reading: Britain’s Blair Launches “New Empire” Offensive, by Mark Burdman

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