Bob Graham Praises Judge’s Order In Florida Saudi-9/11 Case; Lawyer Raises Possible Obama Involvement In Coverup

Former U.S. Senator Bob Graham says that last week’s ruling by Federal Judge William Zloch in the Sarasota-Saudi Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) case, brings the nation closer to getting to the truth about the 9/11 attacks. “Since 2002 many sources, including the U.S. Senate, have been attempting to get information such as that which is likely to be disclosed under Judge Zloch’s order, made available,” Graham stated to the Broward Bulldog. “This is the closest in 12 years that we’ve been to achieving that objective.”

Graham’s own evaluation of the FBI’s failure to produce documents on its Florida investigation, is cited by Judge Bloch in his follow-up order last week, issued on April 4.

Miami attorney Thomas Julin, who represents the Broward Bulldog in the FOIA case, says the Judge’s order shows he is going after the coverup, and that he wants to know if the coverup is being ordered by some other agency or person, up to and including the President. Julin told the Bulldog that it appears that Judge Zloch “definitely wants to get to the bottom of this and doesn’t like the fact that the FBI put out public statements trying to discredit the Bulldog‘s reporting… His order makes it sound like he believes the government may be deliberately covering up.”

Julin pointed out that the Judge’s order, in addition to ordering a much more thorough search for documents, also requires that both the Justice Department and the FBI “advise the court of any documented communications between defendants and other government agencies concerning the investigation” of the Sarasota Saudis. “He’s showing real sensitivity to the likelihood that the FBI is acting under the direction of the Central Intelligence Agency or the National Security Agency,” said Julin. “If the FBI is simply following orders, then he is telling the FBI he wants to know what those orders are, and from whom they are coming, whether it’s the CIA, the NSA, or the President.” (emphasis added)

The Bulldog‘s latest story, filed Sunday morning, begins by noting that Judge Zloch “has a reputation as a no-nonsense, conservative judge who can be short on patience, but is long on courtroom preparation and does not recoil from speaking his mind.” And, the Bulldog adds: “On Friday, after months of legal wrangling, Zloch spoke his mind for the first time on the FBI’s handling of a Freedom of Information lawsuit by that seeks records from the Bureau’s investigation into apparent pre-9/11 terrorist activity in Sarasota.”

In his order, Judge Zloch zeroed in on the gaps, inconsistencies, and contradictions he has observed in the handful of documents which the FBI has produced so far. He noted, for example, that one FBI document written after the Sarasota story broke in 2011, states that “The FBI found no evidence that connected the family members mentioned in the Miami Herald article to any of the 9/11 hijackers, nor was any connection found between the family and the 9/11 plot.” Yet another document states: “Further investigation of the [redacted] family revealed many connections between the [redacted] and individuals associated with the terrorist attacks on 09/11/2001.” Zloch observes that “these statements seem to be in conflict, and there is nothing in Defendants’ thirty-five produced pages that reconciles this stark contradiction.”

At another point, ridiculing how the FBI tried to narrowly interpret the original FOIA request, Judge Zloch wrote: “Defendants’ characterization of Plaintiffs’ second request is literal to the point of being nonsensical.” This was in reference to the FBI’s claim that it was protecting the “privacy interests” of the individuals involved, who are known to be members of a wealthy Saudi family whose home was visited by three of the 9/11 pilots, and Adnan Shukrijumah, a fugitive al-Qaeda leader for whom the FBI has offered a $5 million reward. The house was owned by Esam Ghazzawi, a long-time financial advisor to members of the Saudi royal family.

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