Morell Testimony Points To White House Control Of Benghazi Talking Points Coverup

On June 30, 2013, the LaRouche Political Action Committee published a story entitled, “All Roads to Benghazi Lead to Obama through John Brennan.” The article pointed to a press release published by the White House on Sept. 10, 2012, which stated that John Brennan was the person responsible for reviewing security measures in place prior to the 11th anniversary of 9/11/2001 and that he briefed Obama the day before the attack on the U.S. mission in Benghazi. Furthermore, as revealed in one of the e-mails released by the Obama administration, General David Petraeus pointed out that the final version of the talking points cover-up of al-Qaeda’s role in Benghazi were “the NSS’s call.”

In his testimony before the House Permanent Select Intelligence Committee on Wednesday, April 2, 2014, former deputy director of the CIA, Michael Morell, confirmed that the National Security Staff coordinated the talking points:

“The national security staff was the organization at the White House that coordinated on these talking points.”

Morell continued: “Sir, as you know, the Central Intelligence Agency conducts some extremely sensitive operations and I routinely discuss those operations with Mr. Brennan and Mr. McDonough. The interaction between the national security staff and the Central Intelligence Agency was almost exclusively, not largely, but almost exclusively between Mr. McDonough and Mr. Brennan to me.”

Morell at one point claimed: “The National Security Staff is not a political entity.” As Rep. Rooney replied: “You might say that the people that work for the national security apparatus in the White House are not political people. We all know that they are. They just are.”

As reported in the June 30, 2013 LPAC article cited above, according to the authors of the book Benghazi: The Definitive Report, the attack on the U.S. mission was in retaliation for an assassination carried out under the direction of Brennan, who had been given carte blanche by Obama.

What emerged in Morell’s testimony is that, among others, the CIA station chief in Libya believed that one of the leading motivations for the Benghazi attack was the drone assassination of Abu Yahya al-Libi in Pakistan in June 2012, an assassination which would have been decided upon by Obama and Brennan in one of their Tuesday kill meetings.

As reported by Morell in his testimony on Sept. 10, Zawahiri, the head of al-Qaeda, issued a call for revenge against Americans by Libyans for the assassination of al-Libi.

The video by Zawahiri was released the same day that the White House put out the press release on Brennan’s briefing to Obama. Thus, Brennan and Obama decided to kill Abu Yahya al-Libi, Brennan coordinated the review of the security situation prior to 9/11/2012 and briefed Obama on Sept. 10, the same day Zawahiri issued the call for revenge on Obama and Brennan’s assassination of al-Libi. Then Brennan and McDonough coordinated the talking points delivered on Sept. 16, which were designed to cover up al-Qaeda’s role and Obama and Brennan’s responsibility.

At no time was the Zawahiri video calling for revenge ever mentioned by the administration. Nor did the administration want to admit that it had allied with the al-Qaeda affiliated Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) to overthrow Qaddafi, that al-Libi’s older brother, Abd al-Wahhab Mohammad Qaid, is a leading member of the LIFG, and that the militias in Benghazi involved in the attack, including Ansar al-Sharia and the February 17th Brigade, are associated with the LIFG.

This investigation must not be allowed to die. The trail leads directly to Obama through Brennan. Brennan and Obama must have known about the Zawahiri video. Why did they do nothing to protect the mission beforehand?

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