Obama Is Cheney’s Protector On CIA Torture

It is Impeachment Target Obama who is the Protector of Dick Cheney, the mastermind of the CIA torture which Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) has exposed. Cheney’s name was frequently mentioned in the Sunday talk shows on the CIA torture report; his failed U.S. Senate candidate daughter Liz has been deployed as a “Fox News Contributor” for full-time defense.

On today with Chris Wallace, Liz Cheney lied about the Senate Intelligence Committee’s report: “You cannot say you have a report [when] that’s been selectively leaked, written entirely by Democratic staffers.” Counterpart Juan Williams responded, “The fact is the Republicans wouldn’t participate [in writing the report]. People not only wouldn’t cooperate; they tried to spy on the U.S. Senate.”

On State of the Union with Candy Crowley, House Intelligence Committee Chair Mike Rogers (R-MI) objected to the Senate Intelligence Committee’s vote to release the report: “Why now, in an election year, would you bring this up, then say this is all about Dick Cheney? Clearly when you say things like that, it becomes highly charged politically.”

Crowley said, “I asked Nancy Pelosi about this report and the things that are in it. She had said, `Look, this goes to higher-ups here. They’re responsible for this.’ And I said, `Who is that?’ and she said, `Dick Cheney.’ Do you agree with that?” Ranking Democrat Ruppersberger said, “I’m going to have to wait for the facts.” Chairman Mike Rogers said “…[T]hat politicizes this in a way that I think is horribly counterproductive and [will] likely lead people to the wrong conclusion.” Recall Pelosi’s recent comment at her weekly press briefing, “When you attack the CIA, they come after you.”

The intense heat around the Senate Intelligence Committee’s vote to declassify key findings of its report on CIA torture is clear. Yet Trevor Timm reveals in the April 5 Guardian that “Most news articles waited until the final two paragraphs to mention the real news; the public won’t see any of the document for months at a minimum, and more than 90% of the investigation — characterized as `the Pentagon Papers of the CIA torture program’ — will remain secret indefinitely.”

Only 480 out of some 6,300 pages were even included in the vote, says Timm, and they’re nowhere close to being published: it now heads to the White House for “declassification review,” a difficult process in which the document will be redacted by multiple agencies, and then to the CIA itself, which is the agency accused of torturing prisoners and lying about it for years. “The spy report’s subjects and suspects will now become its censors. It’s possible the only way the public will ever get to see the entire landmark report is the same way we’ve learned everything we know about it: if someone leaks it. Leaks have been critical to the public knowledge of Bush-era torture since the first hints of Abu Ghraib.”

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