48-Hour Deadline Passes In Eastern Ukraine With Nothing Resolved

In Eastern Ukraine, government buildings remain occupied and crowds are in the street in several cities, despite the Kiev regime’s 48-hour deadline to surrender the buildings, which expires Friday morning. Acting President Turchynov offered amnesty to people who vacate occupied buildings peacefully, and leave their weapons, while promising concessions in the direction of local autonomy.

In Luhansk and elsewhere, demonstrators’ banners call for a referendum; despite international media lies, they are not seeking a referendum like Crimea’s on joining Russia, but rather a referendum on Constitutional reform and “federalization” of the country (broad autonomy for different regions), plus official-language status for Russian.

Prime Minister Arseni Yatsenyuk will visit Donetsk and Dnepropetrovsk tomorrow for consultations with local government, law enforcement, and “industrialists” from throughout the southeast. He said that Kiev does not welcome calls for federalization, “especially not from the foreign ministers of foreign countries” — a swipe at Russia, which has made this recommendation for Constitutional reform a part of its negotiating position for talks among the USA, EU, Russia, and Ukraine, now slated for April 17.

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