Lavrov Charges NATO’s Eastward Deployment Would Violate Its International Obligations

If NATO places military forces near Russian borders, it will be in violation of NATO’s international obligations, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told Interfax Thursday. Lavrov said:

“The fact that NATO members [East European NATO members] are now being forced, most likely under pressure, to place troops near Russia, is a violation of the basic act of Vienna declaration principles.”

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Russophobia is becoming more important to NATO than the security of the Euro-Atlantic region, and the world in general, Lavrov said. In connection with statements about how NATO had to reassure Eastern European nations due to “the Russian threat,” Lavrov told Interfax:

“It looks like panic, which some Eastern European countries, which did not stop talking about imagined threats from Russia after entering NATO, are trying to artificially fan.”

For more background on Russia’s response to NATO, see: Background: Russia’s Warnings Concerning NATO and BMD Systems

The minister said NATO officials had once convinced Russia that the Eastern European countries would “calm down” about the imagined threats from Moscow after they entered NATO.

“However, they have not calmed down, they have begun doing everything — by the way, with evident encouragement from Washington — to not just calm down in NATO, but conduct the music in NATO and use the rules of solidarity and consensus accepted in NATO and the EU to minimize cooperation between NATO and Russia.”

“It’s sad. To undermine the bases of stability in Europe, laid after the dissipation of the Soviet Union and Warsaw treaty, the bases, which up until recently helped us to cooperate efficiently in Afghanistan, fighting terrorism, drug trafficking and sea piracy, the bases, which gave good chances for cooperation on many other directions — this means that for NATO Russophobia being imposed by a minority — I am certain of this — is more important than the tasks, on which the security of the entire Euro-Atlantic region and the entire world depend. In their statements NATO members went so far away from reality, from the real, legal and deep interest of nations of NATO states. This is still astonishing for me.”

Lavrov also charged that US congressmen with anti-Russian stances, in particular amid the events in Ukraine, were trying “to undermine positions of Barack Obama personally and to prepare for the next presidential elections.”

“We see all this. We take this philosophically. We do not react to nervous breakdowns. I think that life will put everything in its place.”

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