Kerry Shakes Hands With the Salafi-Takfiri Killers in Syria

Showing utter contempt for human life, Obama’s Man, the U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, Friday, met the visiting Qatari Foreign Minister Khalid al-Attiya on April 11 in Washington. “We’ve had a very strong and collaborative relationship working on our defense cooperation relationship, but also on Syria,” Kerry said during a joint press conference with Attiya. His remarks were made while Washington and Doha were supporting foreign-backed extremists and terrorists in Syria financially and militarily.

One may inquire what the so-called collaborative relationship has resulted in. The Qataris and Saudis, along with the United States, Britain, France, Kuwait, and some others, have opened their moneybags to fund, arm, and train the Salafi-Wahhabi terrorists which have caused mayhem inside Syria for years now. While the Saudis and Qataris are simply there to kill all those who are refuse to be part of the Sunni killing machine, Obama, Cameron, and Hollande have joined the killers to remove Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, as part of the British Empire drive to suck Russia and Iran, who back the Damascus government, into a global thermonuclear war, and to help the Salafi-Takfiri killers to take control of Arabia.

Local senior correspondents have repeatedly reported the grotesque practice of beheading, often in public squares, by these Qatari-Saudi-backed Islamists. The beheading is done by extremist Salafist-Takfiri religious fanatics who act like barbarians, slitting throats and decapitating other Arabs whom they accuse of being heretics, mostly in lawless lands such as Syria and Iraq, Rami Khouri, a senior correspondent of the Daily Star of Lebanon pointed out recently. They often display the decapitated bodies and severed heads in public, and distribute videos of their deeds, making their degeneracy a global spectacle. Khouri also described the revolting spectacle of hundreds, maybe thousands, of Arab men, women and children being tortured or raped to death every year. This is a double disgrace on the face of Arabism, for torture is practiced by state security authorities as well as rebel militias, gangs and other criminals.

In addition, these bloodthirsty killers, created by the Qataris and Saudi are now busy slitting each other’s throats. The war between al-Qaeda militias has resulted in heavy casualties in Syria. Opposition sources said nearly 3,000 people have been killed in the war between Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and rival Islamist militias, the reported Saturday.

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