Vitrenko: Support Peaceful Negotiations, Not “Special Operation,” in Ukraine!

Dr. Natalia Vitrenko, chairman of the Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine, today issued an urgent call for world powers to support “peaceful negotiations” to defuse the situation in southeastern Ukraine, rather than unquestioningly supporting the coup-installed Kiev regime and its announced “special operation.”

Vitrenko described the framework of the crisis this way: “Washington and Brussels, in defiance of all standards of international law, which forbids interference in the internal affairs of sovereign states, organized an armed coup d’etat in Ukraine.” Furthermore, she writes, “lazy, illiterate, and politically engaged western officials have turned everything on its head, calling a neo-Nazi coup a popular uprising.” She asks if Angela Merkel, Francois Holland, Barack Obama and Bronislaw Komorowski have forgotten “how World War II started, and the Nazis’ role in unleashing it.”

In February-March, Vitrenko and fellow members of the National Resistance Front against the Eurocolonization of Ukraine toured Paris, Strasbourg, Milan and Florence, warning that western support for the coup in Ukraine would provoke a deeper crisis and increase the danger of World War III.

In her new statement, she points out that those who today “are sending special forces and armed Right Sector bandits to the Donbass,” are the same people who “day before yesterday were chanting at the Euromaidan, ‘Ukraine for Ukrainians,’ ‘Knife the Muscovites,’ ‘Glory to the Nation, Death to the Enemies,’ while pledging, before the portrait of Stepan Bandera, loyalty to his ideology.” She supports those citizens from the Donbass (Don River Basin), as well as cities like Kharkov and Odessa who are protesting “against Ukraine’s transformation into a Nazi reservation, an enemy of Russia, and NATO cannon fodder,” because “unlike the zombies of Washington and Brussels, the inhabitants of southeastern Ukraine remember the heroic sacrifices of their fathers and grandfathers, who defended our country (and the whole world) against German and Ukrainian Nazis.”

On February 19, Vitrenko recalls, “all the Ambassadors of the European Union ganged up to forbid Yanukovych to carry out an anti-terrorist operation against the armed guerrillas of the Euromaidan. The forbid even to use the term ‘terrorists’ against those ‘peaceful protesters,’ as they called the armed-to-the-teeth bandits. On February 21, in the agreement between Yanukovych and the opposition, the foreign ministers of Germany, France, and Poland inserted a point on ‘the unacceptability of any use of force by the authorities.’ Why, then, now, European officials, have you turned into bloody vampires, demanding the forcible suppression of an actual popular uprising in the southeast, cynically calling the insurgents ‘separatists’ and dreaming up Russian footprints, as well?”

Vitrenko blames “the Nazi character of the current authorities and their policy toward NATO,” for having “lost Crimea and touched off mass popular protests in southeastern Ukraine.” In conclusion, she writes, “Stop! The putschists had better not deprive people of the right to their opinion and to defend their vital interests, or the right of the people to be the source of power! An immediate amnesty of all activists in the Southeast and a peaceful negotiation process (rather than a special operation!) can save the situation!”

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