Bill Roberts Announces His Candidacy: Democrats Must Break With Obama To Save the Country

I am proud to announce my decision to run for the Democratic nomination for U.S. House of Representatives in Michigan’s 11th District. On Thursday, I filed nominating petitions with 2,000 signatures at the Bureau of Elections in Lansing and submitted my name for the nomination.

LaRouche Candidate for Michigan’s 11th District, Bill Roberts.

As a candidate for U.S. House of Representatives, I will continue to fight for solutions which do exist to reverse the breakdown of the economy, a collapse trend that has accelerated under both the Bush and Obama presidencies. Solutions do exist, but you have to confront reality. There will be no economic recovery unless Wall Street is shut down and there will be no humanity if Obama succeeds in launching thermonuclear World War III. Neither the leadership of the Republican or Democratic Parties have had the integrity or courage to confront this reality and remove Obama from office.

Practical politics is not only particularly stupid, as we are now seeing with the failing campaigns of Democrats who have hitched their wagons to Obama’s Wall Street directed policies, but they will get you killed. Only by breaking with the suicide pact of party politics and reviving the real American legacy of Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt, and John F. Kennedy can a positive trend in national politics be created. This means crushing the criminal financial apparatus known as Wall Street and recommitting the nation to the true American legacy of a Hamiltonian credit system.

Congress is operating on the clock of political election cycles while humanity is gripped by a clock operating on the timescale of the onrushing total collapse of the trans-Atlantic financial system. Since the banking crisis of 2008, the U.S. and the European Union have gone through first, “bail-out” (taxpayer funded financing of toxic private gambling debts), quantitative easing (direct Federal Reserve purchasing of securities through almost unlimited liquidity pumping) and now, “bail-in.” The transition is now being made to “bail-in”, where large, globally connected banks zero out large amounts of what is owed to depositors and bondholders, effectively contracting the money and physical activity of entire national economies in an instant. This is analogous to an elevator having its cable cut at the 70th floor. It is a sort of concentration camp without the walls. Either Wall Street’s toxic gambling claims are unwound under a revival of Franklin Roosevelt’s Glass-Steagall Act or entire sections of the economy will be liquidated in the name of saving relatively small portions of the ridiculously unpayable fictitious claims of Wall Street.

Think I am exaggerating? In July of 2012, I called on the Detroit City Council to reject any further cuts that endangered the lives of the population and instead fight for the reinstatement of the Glass-Steagall Act to bankrupt Wall Street. I warned that most major cities had entered into interest rate swaps which had been criminally rigged at the highest level through something called the LIBOR. I urged the Council to stand up to the bankers and tell them they are going to jail rather than submit to being victim to their murderous schemes.

After submitting to various austerity measures, Detroit eventually was forced into bankruptcy by the guy appointed to run the city’s finances for the sole reason of avoiding bankruptcy – Emergency Financial Manager Kevyn Orr. His initial bankruptcy proposal was to pay the investment banks 80 cents on the dollar and severely slash the pension obligations to retired workers, contracts which were supposed to be protected under the state constitution. Only just this month – after years of diverting precious city resources away from essential services – these banks were forced to accept large write-downs on their claims after being confronted on the clearly illegal circumstances surrounding the creation of those instruments. If that had not been done, the cuts to the pensions of uniformed and un-uniformed city employees would have been much more severe and life threatening.

However, the problem we now face is that this model of asserting claims of financial gamblers above human life, is now built into the entire trans-Atlantic banking system, courtesy of a recent vote in the European Parliament and the implementation of Title II of the Dodd-Frank Act of 2010. This openly exposes the intention to resolve the current financial crisis by means of mass genocide.

Nations not beholden to the trans-Atlantic system, such as China and Russia – who refuse to cooperate with the desire of Obama and the British Queen to implement “green” and other forms of population genocide – are now encircled by civil war, regime change, terrorism and the increasing buildup of ballistic missile defense and thermonuclear missile systems, including the deployment of the U.S.S. Donald Cook this week into the Black Sea. Do not be naive. Neither Russia nor the American people have any strategic interest in starting a war right now. This is the deployment of the U.S. military by a complete tool of desperate international financial circles, to gain the advantage of nuclear first strike capabilities. Russia’s military and civilian leadership has repeatedly warned that there is a certain red line at which actions toward fulfilling this aim of a thermonuclear upper hand will be confronted militarily. We are headed straight into a war that no one can survive and so far no one in the Congress has lifted a finger to effectively stop it.

We must change that! Nothing is set in stone if we act as Promethean beings. Defeating treason and reviving the commitment to the U.S. Constitution means defeating the green agenda, and committing to an economy driven not by the pursuit of speculative monetary values, but created through scientific and technological progress, characterized by achieving breakthroughs in thermonuclear fusion.

Join me in escalating the fight to impeach Obama now and revive the true American legacy of building the future.

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