Germany on Verge of Open, Irreversible Revolt Against War Party

After three of Germany’s former Chancellors (Altkanzler)—Schmidt, Kohl, and Schröder—and former Bundeswehr (Armed Forces) chief Gen. Harald Kujat (ret.), now Wolfgang Kubicki, deputy chairman of the German Free Democratic Party (FDP, liberal party) has joined the chorus of German voices sharply criticizing NATO’s role in promoting unnecessary confrontation with Russia around the Ukraine crisis. “The fact that NATO wants to deploy forces to the so-called eastern borders, with the involvement of the Bundeswehr, I consider not only counterproductive, but is extremely dangerous,” Kubicki said.

Although he realizes that “the Americans” want to use the crisis to cool the relationship between Europe and Russia, he adds, “but, we should rationally take account of that, and not act according to the motto, ‘we are all part of the Western community and thus participate in every nonsense of the Americans.'” On the escalation policy that would be associated with new sanctions, one should realize where the limits of that are, “Otherwise one must say, I am also ready to wage war.” Kubicki wants a large-scale intensification of contacts between Russians and Europeans, as the strong support for Russian President Vladimir Putin from the Russian population requires more dialogue: “people who talk with each other don’t shoot at each other,” and perhaps then they can also understand each other.

Kubicki also lashed out at the open secret about the regime in Kiev: “Sitting there are people who would be brought before a court in Germany. They are by no account all ‘Freedom Fighters,’ but, we act as if that were the case.”

Kubicki, who comes from Kiel, just north of Hamburg, spoke out two days after sections of the mainstream media also broke ranks and attacked the one-sided propaganda flood against Russia and Putin. The public network ARD TV ran a Hamburg-based broadcast from Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR) titled, “Always Against Putin: Widespread Criticism of the Media,” whose author referenced the widespread email criticisms flooding media promoters of anti-Putin propaganda from the both public TV networks and also private publications such as Der Spiegel and Die Zeit. The author stated he knows the difference between the usual email oddballs, and the large number of normal citizens who feel insulted by the obvious mainstream propaganda line.

The NDR broadcast attributed the shift in public sentiment to the NSA scandal, killer drones, Guantanamo, and Abu Ghraib, which have shattered German trust in the United States. Senior TV journalist Gabriele Krone-Schmalz, who for many years broadcast from Moscow for ARD and who is now a journalism professor, pointed out the media’s persistent misuse of the term, “annexation” regarding Crimea, which many Germans also took note of, after the majority of Crimea’s population expressed their right to self-determination to join Russia. This evening, NDR reported that last night’s killings in Slavyansk were attributed by Russian media to the Right Sector extremists, and possibly point to the Kiev regime ignoring implementation of the Geneva agreement. Hopefully this week, German and also other continental resistance against an escalation will have an impact on the behavior of the better people in Washington who, so far, have kept their mouths shut.

The German political party, Civil Rights Movement Solidarity (BüSo) of Helga Zepp-LaRouche has been the consistent voice and instigator of this resistance, and is treated with respect by numerous institutional figures and in dialogues at little-noticed public events, even though the mainstream media black out this accomplishment for the broader public.

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