The Empire Offers Mexico Genocide by Fracking or Genocide Through Green Policy

Through his energy reform, passed last December, Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto is opening his nation’s doors to the British Empire’s policy of hydraulic fracking, whose intent is to depopulate Mexico by reducing energy flux density, degrading the country’s technological platform, and depleting its natural resources, most especially water—in a nation that has suffered the worst drought in thirty years, beginning in 2011.

This genocidal policy is backed by the big oil multinationals, including Dick Cheney’s Halliburton Corp., which reportedly had a hand in shaping the government’s energy reform. Shell, Exxon and others will get in on the act. But while the stench of the Bush family oil interests is easily detected, the crazed push for fracking comes straight from the Queen’s toady, Barack Obama, who has frenetically and deliberately rammed through fracking in the United States during the five years of his Presidency. [See Fact Sheet: (Impeachable Offenses: Fracking is Genocide)

Plans are said to be underway in Mexico to drill an estimated 20,000 wells—to date fewer than 25 have been drilled—to exploit massive shale oil and gas deposits of the Burgos Basin, which would consume a water volume equivalent to the annual domestic water consumption of between 4.9 million and 15.9 million people. Even 4.9 million would be murder.

Twelve states are targeted, many of them key agricultural producers already severely affected by the last two years’ drought, but ones also overrun by the drug cartels. Agricultural lands, the cooperative ejidos or communal farms, and those of smaller farmers, are slated to be expropriated or bought up, forcing people off the land so that predators can access the shale deposits below them. According to April 6, fracking will affect 400,000 square kilometers of Mexico’s territory.

And, in typical fashion, the Empire is running both sides of the show in Mexico. To those who reject the fracking poison, the Queen offers them green policy poison, which also reduces energy- flux density and kills people. That outlook, coming from the British intelligence-spawned Greenpeace and like minded ecology groups is shaping much of the opposition to fracking. In the Chamber of Deputies, the PRD (Revolutionary Democratic Party) has teamed up with the Citizens’ Movement to call for “alternative” green energy to counter fracking’s destructive effects.

The only option for breaking this imperial deathgrip is to force the policy shift—impeach Obama—to achieve LaRouche’s proposed technological platform for the development of thermonuclear fusion based on Helium-3, to increase the productive powers of labor in both nations. Were he alive, Lyndon LaRouche’s close friend and ally, former President Jose Lopez Portillo, would heartily agree. During his 1976-1982 term in office, Lopez Portillo proposed using his nation’s sizable oil resources—”sowing oil,” he called it—to move the country to a higher technological platform which, as he stated during a May 1980 state visit to Canada, would eventually involve “some processes of atomic fission or fusion…as the most serious alternative for solving the energy problem of Mexico and humanity beginning the next century.”

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