New York Times and London Guardian Admit: Obama Is Used Up

Both the New York Times and the London Guardian ran major stories Friday focused on the fact that Obama and his policies are in disarray. The Guardian‘s editorial is entitled “Obama’s Asian tour: Lost hopes; Barack Obama wanted the U.S. out of ‘dumb wars’ and to improve relationships with Muslims but his plans are in disarray.”

The article cites the failure the Obama’s Asia tour and the foundering of the effort to resolve the Israel/Palestine conflict. It then says: “But the most obvious sign of the disarray with which Mr. Obama is unhappily identified is that Russia and China have both lost that respect for American power and American interests which … they have nearly always displayed in the past…. He seems sometimes to be a passenger in his own presidency, letting things happen rather than willing them to happen.”

The New York Times lead story is “Obama Suffers Setbacks in Japan and the Mideast; President Doesn’t Reach Tokyo Trade Deal, and Israel Suspends Peace Talks.” It says: “He has watched outside forces unravel his best-laid plans, from resetting relations with Russia to managing the epochal political change in the Arab world.” All this tracks exactly with Lyndon LaRouche’s forecast recent forecast, that Obama has admitted defeat, and that what we have to worry about is his replacement by a competent “real Zeusian,” which at other times he seemed to identify with the British empire directly.

Eric Holder and Michelle Obama Like “Typhoid Mary”—Stay Away!

Attorney General Eric Holder was forced to cancel a speech he was scheduled to give at the graduation ceremony of the Oklahoma City Police Department cadet class, when it became apparent he would be met by hostile protesters. His plan to release thousands of prisoners he says have been unfairly incarcerated due to “outdated” sentencing guidelines doesn’t sit well with some people. State Republican legislator Paul Wesselhoft, who had intended to lead the protests, also called for Holder’s impeachment on grounds he had failed to uphold the Constitution, citing his failure to hand over documents in the Fast and Furious Case, and his contempt of Congress citation, the Washington Times reported yesterday.

The Justice Department denied there was any problem, explaining Holder’s no-show as due to a scheduling conflict.

First Lady Michelle Obama, meanwhile, has had to scrap her plan to address graduating high-school seniors in Topeka, Kansas, after 1,750 students and parents signed a petition to protest her presence. She has now “rescheduled,” and will speak before the school district the day before graduation, The Hill reported Thursday.

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