Invasion Lie Exposed, But Ukraine Crisis Continues

Both the Russian and Ukrainian defense ministries have confirmed that all of the reports about Russian incursions into Ukrainian airspace and of Russian troops crossing the border into Ukraine are false. The Russian Ministry of Defense issued a strongly worded statement on April 26, firmly denying any such incursions and pressed for the U.S. Pentagon to resume cooperation on de-escalating the Ukraine crisis rather than spreading false information. The Defense Minister in the Ukrainian coup regime, Mikhail Koval, actually confirmed the Russian statements, telling journalists on Saturday that there have been no violations of state borders by either Russian planes or Russian soldiers.

And the OSCE has provided an important clarification on the now widely circulating accounts of a kidnapping of OSCE monitors by pro-Russian protesters in eastern Ukraine. The OSCE made clear that the monitors involved in the incident were not part of the 150 monitors who have been in the region and whose efforts were endorsed by the April 17 meeting in Geneva between representatives of Russia, Ukraine, the EU, and the U.S. The civilians and soldiers from several European countries are in the area as part of a separate German-Ukrainian agreement that was reached on the sidelines of an OSCE meeting some time back. They were traveling accompanied by Ukrainian soldiers and were stopped when they entered an area under the control of pro-Russian protesters near Slavyansk. They are not part of the OSCE monitoring force and the issue is a bilateral issue to be resolved between Germany and Ukraine.

There are reports of a buildup of Ukrainian forces in parts of the eastern Ukraine region, and the Ukrainian interior minister, in an interview in Kiev with Lally Weymouth of the Washington Post on April 22 said that he would be activating troops once the Easter cease-fire ended.

President Obama announced from Malaysia that he will be imposing new sanctions on Russia as early as Monday, and that the limited actions will be taken by the G-7 countries as a whole. He freely admitted that serious sanctions targeting segments of the Russian economy can only be achieved with full support from the Europeans, which he does not have at this time.

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