The Once and Future Arab Spring

Susan Rice plots for bringing the failed ‘arab spring’ to Asia, as the first evidence of U.S. Weapons in Syria emerges.

Rebel Group Receiving U.S. Made Weapons has Obama’s Approval

The videos of Syrian rebels operating U.S.-made TOW anti-tank weapons first appeared on YouTube weeks ago. Now, the Washington Post has a profile of the Harakat Hazm—or Movement of Steadfastness, the first rebel group to be blessed with these U.S.-made weapons. The Harakat Hazm, according to the Post’s profile, said and did all of the right things, and therefore passed the vetting process to receive the weapons. Its commander, Abdullah Awda, 28, told the Post’s Liz Sly, that his group received the first shipment of 20 weapons because of their moderate views and, just as important, their discipline. It has all of the trappings of a professional military force—its fighters wear uniforms, sleep in bunk beds under matching blankets and get medical checkups. The base camp that they operate from, a few miles southeast of Idlib in northwestern Syria, near the Turkish border, is divided into a headquarters area, an areas for storage and distribution of uniforms and food, weapons training areas, an area for repairing and maintaining captured combat vehicles, and all of the activity, there, is accounted for on printed forms.

Awda went to a great effort to convince Sly that his force is disciplined and well trained. More significant was his emphasis on a political message which is virtually identical to that which the Obama Administration wants to hear from Syrian rebel groups. “I want a democratic state that rules over all Syria with equality and freedom for all citizens, free of fascism and dictatorship,” he told her. Unnamed U.S. officials added that Awda’s group is one of six that were approved to receive nonlethal U.S. aid, to include vehicles and medical supplies, after being vetted for their political views, associations and capabilities. “They passed the test,” said one of those officials.

As for the TOW missiles (“Tube-launched, Optically-tracked, Wire-guided”), Awda would not say much about how they were delivered, except that they were provided by the “Friends of Syria” with U.S. approval. He said that he had to promise that the weapons would be kept secure and to return the empty canisters once they’re fired. He stressed that while the small number of weapons that have been provided so far, about 20, wouldn’t affect the course of the war, what was important was the change in policy that they represented. “It suggests a change in the U.S. attitude toward allowing Syria’s friends to support the Syrian people,” he said. “It’s psychological more than physical.” Whether they even mean that much remains to be seen.

Anwar and Rice plant seeds for Asian “Arab Spring”

The most important part of Obama’s visit to Malaysia this past weekend was not entrusted to Obama himself, but was handled directly by one of his controllers, British agent Susan Rice, together with Rice’s cohort Daniel Russel, Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs. Rice and Russel met with the leading British-Saudi agent in Malaysia, Anwar Ibrahim, on Monday, after Obama had left Malaysia, together with Anwar’s opposition party co-leaders. According to the Malaysia Chronicle, Anwar “suggested the United States create a Working Group on governance and human rights that included representatives from civil society and opposition as one critical way to strengthen the comprehensive partnership announced during President Obamas visit.” This would indeed be music to the ears of Rice, who helped dispense the $5 billion spent by the U.S. in creating the anti-Russian (and pro-neo-Nazi) NGOs in Ukraine over the past years.

The Chronicle story carries a perfect picture of Susan Rice standing behind her puppet Obama, leaning her body into him and whispering his lines.

While the opposition leaders whined that the current Malaysian government stole the last election, that “Anwar Ibrahim should be the rightful Prime Minister of Malaysia right now,” the core of the meeting clearly took place in the un-recorded 20 minute private discussion between Rice and Anwar after the larger meeting. The content of that meeting was likely the proposal which Anwar, who is the head of the Muslim Brotherhood in Malaysia, presented in an op-ed to the Washington Post on April 26, as Obama was arriving in Kuala Lumpur. Anwar argued that Southeast Asia needs its own “Arab Spring,” to unleash radical jihadists across Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines, to destroy these nations as the Middle East has been destroyed by the British/Obama backing of al Qaeda linked opposition to the secular governments there.

Indeed, Anwar has been funded, and worked closely with, the Saudi sponsors of Islamic jihadists throughout his career, which is not in any ways at odds with Susan Rice’s support for al-Qaeda in Libya and Syria, and for neo-nazis in Ukraine.

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