FBI ‘Finds’ more Sarasota 9/11 Documents, but Hasn’t yet Complied with Court Order

Late yesterday, the Justice Department notified the Broward Bulldog’s attorney that the FBI had found four more boxes of classified 9/11 documents in its Tampa Field Office — this in addition to the 23 boxes which the FBI has already admitted to possess pertaining to the FBI’s investigation of the 9/11 attacks in the Tampa-Sarasota area. However, none of these more than 100,000 pages of documents (except 27 pages) have yet been turned over to the court, as were ordered by Judge William Zlock to be produced by April 25.

In the email to the attorney, the DOJ claimed it had been ready to produce the documents on the 25th, but that they suddenly realized that the Judge’s chambers did not have a safe in which to store classified documents (a rather ridiculous claim, since federal courts are used to dealing with classified materials), so the DOJ is now planning to deliver a safe and four boxes today (May 1), and then, when the court has reviewed those, it will submit four more boxes, etc. The judge has not yet indicated whether he will accept this procedure.

As the Broward Bulldog and the Miami Herald report, the DOJ’s latest disclosure “calls into question the accuracy of the sworn declaration submitted to the court two weeks ago” by the FBI’s records section chief, in which he claimed that the Tampa FBI file on the 9/11 attacks consisted of 23 boxes. If the court accepts the DOJ’s proposal of reviewing four boxes at the time—which is not in accordance with the judge’s order—this is likely to delay the production and review of the documents by weeks or months. (This would be in accordance with what sources have told EIR magazine, that the Obama Administration/CIA/FBI policy is to stall and delay the disclosure of all Saudi-related 9/11 files for as long as possible.)

Judge Zloch’s orders of April 4 and April 6 clearly reflected his frustration with the DOJ/FBI stalling and coverup of the FBI’s investigation of the Saudi connections to the 9/11 hijackers in the Sarasota area. Bulldog attorney Tom Julin said at the time that it appears that Judge Zlock “definitely wants to get to the bottom of this and doesn’t like the fact that the FBI put out public statements trying to discredit the Bulldog’s reporting… His order makes it sound like he believes the government may be deliberately covering up.”

Julin was also quoted as saying that Judge Zloch is sensitive to the possibility that the FBI is blocking disclosure at the direction of some other agency, and, Julin added, “If the FBI is simply following orders, then he is telling the FBI he wants to know what those orders are, and from who they are coming, whether it’s the CIA, the NSA, or the President.”

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