California Anti-Fracking Bill Moves Ahead; Spotlights How Imperial Policy Imposes Fracking As a “State Issue”

The local and state pushback against fracking had a notable success April 30 in California, where a bill to declare a statewide moratorium on use of hydraulic fracturing and acidizing (another enhancement method) for oil extraction, passed the Senate Environmental Quality Committee by a vote of 4 to 2. The bill, SB 1132 authorizes state authorities to facilitate an “independent scientific study” on the impact of fracking, to be completed by 2015, and fracking to be suspended until then.

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There are similar skirmishes against fracking underway in other states and localities. These fierce battles are being fought in a rearguard way, partly because of how, from the beginning, fracking was foisted on the United States through its evil promotion as a “state” option, and not a Federal matter concerning the current and future public interest in water, energy and resources. Dick Cheney was one of the leading agents of this subversion, in league with the Wall Street/City of London cartel gang, including BP, Halliburton, et al. For example, the “Energy Act of 2005,” has the infamous measure, called the “Halliburton Clause,” which specifically denies Federal agencies any oversight authority over the chemicals and water used for fracking. Obama has maintained the Cheney policy in every way.

States and localities are frantically trying deter fracking by “study,” petitions, ballot referenda, etc., while here and internationally, the British Empire fracking mobilization is proceeding at killer speed. Texas, North Dakota, and Pennsylvania came to be in the forefront of the new Obama “Oil & Gas Fracking Revolution,” along with California, Colorado and certain other locations. In Pennsylvania, for example, a succession of governors, Tom Ridge (R), Ed Rendell (D) and Tom Corbett (R), declared that the Marcellus Shale gas boom would “save” their de-indstrialized state. In the West, fracking is directly sucking up scarce water, and destroying food. “Save the state,” kill the people.

This energy, food, water debacle is one more of the counts of impeachability against Obama remaining in office. The fracking policy is a crime against humanity.

Despite the drought crisis in California, fracking in the Monterey Shale has proceeded without let up, and Big Shale players want it to expand. They are hosing money into the state legislature and Congressional delegation, to buy up any legislator for sale. For example, state Sen. Jean Fuller (R) testified in April to a House hearing in Washington, that going all-out for fracking in California, will create “a success like North Dakota,” millions of jobs, lessen energy imports, etc. Gov. Jerry Brown (D) agrees with her. They were outvoted on April 30 in Sacramento.

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