Enough Is Enough: Destroy The Obama/Press Lies That Are Leading To World War III

“If this war propaganda succeeds,” stated Lyndon LaRouche on May 4, “World War III could be the result. The U.S. press and the Obama Administration do not have the authority to tell brazen lies about the situation in Ukraine, with impunity. They must be held accountable, and now, or we could be looking at a global catastrophe.”

Right now, however, the Obama Administration, the Western media, and most Western governments are indeed continuing to tell lies. In the face of one of the most brazen Nazi massacres in recent history–the burning alive of anti-Kiev protestors in Odessa on May 3 by neo-Nazis from the Right Sector, soccer hooligans, and others–nary an official or a publication from the West has come out to tell the truth. Horrific available videos are being ignored, and the Russians are being blamed for these crimes.
RT Quotes FDR: ‘A Day That Will Live In Infamy’

Yesterday, May 2, 2014, the day that Kiev radicals supported by the U.S. government attacked and burnt to death civilians in Ukraine, is a day which will live in infamy,” wrote Eric Sommer, writing in Russia Today (RT) on May 3. He continues: “Those of us who grew up in the West after WWII believed that supporting anything resembling fascism was unthinkable. The moral degeneration of the U.S. state and its NATO allies since that time is beyond belief. So too is the degeneration of the Washington Post, the New York Times, and other corporate media which have helped to delude large numbers of Americans into believing that Russia, which has killed or attacked no one, is somehow the aggressor in Ukraine.”

Sommer tells those who doubt that Right Sector and Svoboda are nazis to simply look them up on their own sites.

He quotes FDR: “Yesterday, December 7th, 1941 — a date which will live in infamy — the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan.”

“After that speech,” Sommer writes, “the American government and people joined with the Soviet Union, China, Britain, Canada, and other nations in the momentous struggle to defeat fascism and its attempt to impose its racist ideology, holocaust, and tyranny on the whole world. Yesterday, the day that U.S.-supported neo-fascists beat civilians with chains and clubs and burned them to death in a Trade Union Hall in Ukraine’s Odessa — this also is a day that will live in infamy.”

This is a turning point, in many respects. Already, it has hardened the resolve of the Eastern Ukrainians to resist the fascist regime in Kiev–lest they meet a similar fate. It also represents a major vulnerability for governments like that of Obama, who is already on the skids for condoning Nazi activities like the Cheney torture program and the surveillance state. Exposure of the true Nazi nature of the Ukrainian government and its activity can bring down Obama and his war drive now.

Back on Feb. 2, EIR released a fact sheet documenting without a doubt the Nazi pedigree of the “Maidan” demonstrators, who have now taken over the government in Kiev, with the blessing of the West. With the exception of a few courageous journalists in the United States and Western Europe, this reality has been ignored in NATO countries. Instead, the current Kiev government is being treated as “democratic,” while, in fact, it has not only been brought to power by the Nazi thuggery that caused the legitimately elected President Yanukovych to flee, but the most violent Nazi forces, those who sought to incinerate police officers on the Maidan with fire bombs, have been incorporated into the government and the “militias,” now functioning in Eastern Ukraine.

Indeed, these right-wing thugs, ensconced in organizations such as Right Sector and Svoboda, are “democrats” only in the same sense as is the Vice President for Programs of the U.S. National Endowment for Democracy, Nadia Diuk, who was trained by members of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN-b), the operation of Hitler collaborator and fascist Stepan Bandera.
Reports of the Odessa Massacre

* Ramzan Kadyrov, the leader of the Russian republic of Chechnya, issued a statement to ITAR-TASS after the Ukrainian Interior Ministry said the Odessa fire was started by the protesters inside. Kadyrov said: “This was cutting-edge cynicism and some kind of over-the-top impudence. There is video available showing some people pouring gasoline inside of bottles. After that, radical youngsters were throwing these bottles at the building, ground floors were set ablaze and people were trying to save their lives by jumping out the windows. However, we and the whole world were eventually told that the fire erupted on the upper floors. Not even fascists acted like this. First, to burn people alive by blocking all entrances and setting them on fire, and then to tell the whole world that it was the people inside the building, who hurled bottles with flammable substance at each other.” He also expressed shock at another video which showed Right Sector killers touring the Trade Union House after the fire, inspecting dead bodies and making jokes.

* Victoria Nuland’s boy Arseniy Yatsenyuk went to Odessa today, and declared Russia to blame, not the nazis, for the slaughter. Yatsenyuk said police were being investigated for their failure to maintain order, and that he had charged prosecutors with “finding all instigators, all organizers and all those that under Russian leadership who began a deadly attack on Ukraine and Odessa.”

* The 67 anti-Kiev demonstrators who were detained after the massacre were released today when several hundred citizens stormed the police station and forced their release. While none of the Right Sector killers appears to be under arrest, the protesters were charged with creating mass disorder and threats or violence against law enforcement.

* A video has gone viral on YouTube (and on RT) showing a man wearing a bullet-proof vest shooting several rounds at the windows of Odessa’s burning House of Trade Unions Friday, then speaking to some reporter on his cell phone saying that he and his people are unarmed, while having to confront armed anti-government protesters. The man introduces himself as sotnik Mykola (sotnik is what Maidan group leaders in Kiev call themselves). He also says he was wounded in the leg by protesters, although he doesn’t look hurt in the footage.

* A survivor from the Trade Union building slaughter told RT: “We couldn’t go down, we were seeing people from other floors being brought down and then those rioters down there attacked them like a pack of wolves.” Afraid of falling into the hands of nazis, people didn’t leave the building where dozens were eventually burnt alive, suffocated, or jumped out of windows.

* Svoboda MP Iryna Farion tweeted, “Bravo, Odessa!” Lesya Orobets, Batkivshchyna Party candidate for Mayor of Kiev, made a Facebook post about “stamping out a swarm of Colorado beetles” in this “great victory.” These fascists are now referring to the pro-federalization people in eastern Ukraine as insects! “Colorado beetles” because of their orange and black stripes, like the St. George’s Ribbon.

* RT also reviews the western media, noting that despite extensive live video coverage of the entire Odessa massacre by Right Sector, the mainstream western press “were trying to avoid assigning the blame to those who actually set the building on fire,” giving many examples.

The prominent role of these Right Sector Nazis, such as Dmitry Yarosh, and their associates, such as Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Andrei Paruby, in carrying out the current murderous assault on Ukrainian civilians, is well known. But Americans and other Westerners are being lied to. Thus, in the coming days, EIR will produce a second fact sheet on the Nazi nature of the Ukrainian government, aimed at putting every media outlet, Congressman, and government official on the spot:

Will you repudiate the Obama Administration’s support for these Nazis, or will you let them go ahead, and provoke World War III?
Victoria Nuland Scheduled To Campaign For War Policy In Both Houses Of Congress This Week

State Department official Victoria Nuland, who blessed the Maidan rioters and gave them cookies back in December, will be pressing forward with the British/Obama confrontation policy toward Russia in two hearings on Capitol Hill this week. Nuland has recently returned from another trip to Eastern Europe, where she was joined by House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Ed Royce and ranking member Elliot Engel, two weeks ago.

The hearings will both be based on the fundamental lie that it is Russia, not the Western-installed Nazi government in Ukraine, that is leading to the bloody explosion in that country.

On Tuesday, May 6, Nuland will be the lead witness at a full Committee hearing of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, entitled “Ukraine–Countering Russian Intervention and Supporting a Democrcatic State.” On Thursday May 8, she will appear at the House Foreign Affairs Committee, along with Treasury sanctions man Daniel Glaser, on the topic of “Russia’s Destabilization of Ukraine.”

In his press release on the House hearing, Chairman Royce said: “Since the Committee delegation’s return from Ukraine last week, the situation in the country has deteriorated significantly, with a great deal of uncertainty. But there is one thing we do know: Vladimir Putin is the driving force behind the destabilization of Ukraine. It is essential that the American people understand the impact of Russia’s aggression on U.S. interests. This hearing will provide Committee Members with the opportunity to question key State Department and Treasury Department officials about Russia’s actions and the Administration’s strategy to counter them.”

As a brief foretaste of the coming fact sheet, consider the following statement of philosophy from Dmytro Dontsov, one of the chief ideologues of the Bandera movement. In his most famous book Nationalism, Dontsov wrote, in true Nietzschean fashion:

“In healthy species, the factor of will is unlimited…. This eternal, irrational right to life on the part of the nation is superior to everything terrestrial, phenomenological, or rational: it is higher than the life of a given individual, or the blood and death of thousands; it is higher than the welfare of the present generation; higher than abstract mental calculations; higher than common human ethics; and higher than the imaginary notion of good or evil.

“…Be aggressors and occupiers, before you can become rulers and possessors…. No common human truth exists.”

Here indeed, you find the ideological roots of the bestial massacre in Odessa, in whose wake the thugs can be heard on tape screaming nationalist slogans of triumph.

The very survival of civilization depends upon getting Western governments to repudiate these forces, and eliminate them from any position of power.

How close we are to the outbreak of actual warfare, is illustrated by the recent kidnapping incident in Slovyansk, where an unauthorized team of “observers,” including members of a German military unit, were sent in, and, predictably, detained by anti-Kiev forces, who considered them up to no good. That kidnap incident threatened to, and was clearly intended to, bring Germany to the point of condoning military intervention to “save the hostages.” Only extraordinary diplomacy on the part of the Russian government, and leading German statesmen, such as former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder, defused the situation, leading to the release of the hostages.

We have very little time to succeed, before we get either war, a bail-in implosion, or other such irreversible disasters for mankind. While we fight like hell for a human future, we must simultaneously destroy evil.

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