Ukraine developments, May 6th

Natalia Vitrenko Issues Statement to Russian, Chinese, Indian Presidents

Ukrainian political leader Dr. Natalia Vitrenko issued a statement May 2, the day of the Odessa massacre in which dozens of pro-federalist protesters hiding in a public building were incinerated by fascist militias who set the building on fire, publicly supported by the Kiev regime.

Dr. Vitrenko appealed to the Presidents of Russia, China, and India for help to the people of Ukraine because Nazis are in power, and they came to power with U.S. and EU support. She writes that she and her colleagues who head various parties and organizations had warned the UN, the European institutions, and the leaders of the U.S.A. and the EU, “about the inevitability of monstrous crimes,” because of the way in which the people who carried out the coup mobilized with slogans like “Ukraine for Ukrainians,” “Stab the Muscovites,” and “Glory to the Nation — Death to the Enemies.”
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In a country where 134 different ethnic groups live, this boded no good. Now, she says, “It is absolutely clear that the UN, the OSCE, and others, under U.S. pressure, have closed their eyes to the norms and principles of international law and have spit upon the UN Charter, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, … and the findings of the Nuremberg Tribunal.” Their “criminal lack of action” was evident in their doing nothing to secure a ban on neo-Nazi parties and movements in Ukraine or the disarming of the Euromaidan guerrillas.Now the results of this inaction are at hand: “This is now the third month that the illegitimate authorities of Ukraine are slandering the population of the South-East, who have mobilized to defend their rights and freedoms. The Army has been sent against the civilian population, people are being fired on from helicopters, tanks and APCs are sent against them. The government is besieging cities, carrying out mass repressions, and kidnapping people. Storm units of neo-Nazis, mixed up with soccer ultras, have launched a bloodbath in Kharkov, Donetsk, and now Odessa, with impunity. In Odessa they resorted to bestial crueltry: they beat unarmed people, then burned them in the Trade Unions building.”

Vitrenko calls on the Russian, Chinese, and Indian Presidents to “save our people,” by sending peacekeeping contingents to Ukraine and removing the neo-Nazi junta from power. “The U.S.A. and the EU are protectors of the Nazis in Ukraine, and you — Russia, China, and India — have the full moral right to use the full force of your authority, to stop the killing in Ukraine.”

Russia to Address Council of Europe: Postpone Ukraine Election

With fighting raging today between Kiev regime armed forces and the pro-federalist opposition in a number of eastern Ukraine cities, RIA Novosti reported that Vladimir Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Russia will appeal to the UN and the Strasbourg-based Council of Europe to postpone Ukraine’s supposed Presidential election from May 25. The Council of Europe is meeting May 5-6 in Vienna, and RIA Novosti said that Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov will “take part in debate” there on May 6, including on this subject.
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Lavrov’s Foreign Ministry’s statement on this says “Russia’s activity in the Council of Europe seeks to consolidate efforts to build up a uniting European agenda, search for responses with partners to real challenges and threats for all Europeans, including terrorism, uncontrolled migration, drug trafficking, extremism, nationalism and neo-Nazism rising in several European countries, non-citizenship, intolerance and discrimination for ethnic, religious, cultural and other types of identity.”On May 4, Russian Transport Minister Vladimir Yakunin put a statement, “A View on the Tragedy in Odessa,” on the website of the World Peace Forum, of which he is an Executive Board member. “Today it is practically impossible to think of anything else but the tragedy in Odessa,” Yakunin wrote. “It is now quite apparent that the self-proclaimed so-called government in Kiev is no longer capable of controlling the Bandera neo-fascists that brought it to power…. The broad scope of these events that have embraced the whole of Ukraine”, Yakunin wrote, “clearly indicates that they were well planned and well organized but for what purpose? Has all this been done so as to physically eliminate all those who think differently and to silence any and all opponents? Just like during World War Two, the present-day fascists in Odessa herded these people into a building and then burned them alive! What is more, even the self-proclaimed rulers in Kiev do not consider it necessary to dissociate themselves from these fascists! And the so-called world community is, so far, silent!”

Kiev Sends Nazi Right Sector to Replace Odessa Police

Following the thorough and in-person endorsement by Victoria Nuland’s Ukrainian Prime Minister “Yats” for the May 2 massacre in Odessa, Ukraine regime Interior Minister Avakov has effectively deployed a new police force of Right Sector thugs to the Black Sea city.

The Christian Science Monitor and other media reported that Avakov announced Kiev has sent a “citizen activists’ police force” to Odessa, called the “Kiev Police Battalion #1.” In Odessa May 3, Yatsenyuk had expressed fury at the Odessa police for not immediately and forcefully suppressing pro-Russian protests in the city; thus the new fascist police formation. The Monitor says this force has come out of “mass recruitment on Kiev’s Maidan for a national guard,” and is “likely to play into fears in the East and South of the country about ‘fascists.'”

Party of the European Left says Obama and the EU fostered “Nazi State” in Ukraine

The “Odessa massacre” has shaken up some people of the old European left into action. Yesterday’s edition of the French Communist newspaper l’Humanité, ran the headline: “War Threatens in Ukraine, the Tanks Must Be Stopped,” showing a photo of the tanks sent by the Kiev putschists against the pro-Russian populations in eastern Ukraine, with the lead editorial accusing the EU and U.S. of “unleashing neo-Nazi militias.”

Also, in an official statement on their website, the Party of the European Left (EL) accused the U.S. and the EU of “fostering…a Nazi state” in Ukraine. The Brussels-based EL is a coalition of most Communist parties of the EU, and parties that split from the Socialist International.
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Their statement read: “We are witnessing the emergence of a Nazi state fostered by the U.S.A. and the EU in Ukraine. Yesterday conflict in Odessa and other east Ukraine cities with nearly 50 victims shows the protagonist behavior of Nazi groups under the guidance of Kiev. The split that Ukraine society is living has been influenced by the willingness of U.S.A. and the EU to go against Russia deploying all kind of measures in order to isolate that country in a kind of Cold War revival. It is just the opposite to what should be recommended if peaceful coexistence was the desired aim.”One hundred years after the First World War Europe should not play with fire but on the contrary would favor diplomatic and peaceful solutions to all kind of international crisis. The ELP condemns the attitude of the EU on this conflict and also the brutal behavior of Kiev and urges all parts to solve the differences under the principle of dialogue within the rules of the UN.”

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