New Obama Climate Change Report Released; Next Month Come Executive Orders Against Coal, Cows, Industry, and People

The same Obama Administration which is blaming U.S. first-quarter zero or negative GDP and everything related to it, on “the severe winter,” released a report yesterday, blaming everything else on warming climate. Obama Chief of Staff John Podesta, hired for the task of “re-branding” Obama and the Democrats for the 2014 campaign, conducted the White House presentation of the new report. John P. Holdren, Obama’s Science Adviser, and rabid depopulation advocate, co-authored the press release.

The purpose of the report is to propose no action responding to the intensifying desiccation of the West, and lack of food; but rather, to drum up scare support for what the White House calls “actionabale science,” under which Obama will act by Executive Order in June, to issue regulations to lower emissions from energy, agriculture, and industry—the means to life. Yesterday’s New York Times featured on its front page its map purporting to show areas of radical temperature change in the U.S. (from National Climatic Data Center data).

The White House report focuses on Alaska, the upper Midwest, and East and West Coast flooding. It claims that global sea levels rose 8 feet in the 20th century, something not even the IPCC has ever claimed.

“NewsBusters” has a useful rundown of how the TV networks all gave biased and gushing, “excited” coverage to the report and Obama’s promotion of it, while barely referring to any criticism of it.

The new White House climate report is titled, “Third U.S. National Climate Assessment” (NCA). It was produced under a 1990 law (G.H.W. Bush), the “Global Change Research Act,” which requires such “assessments” every four years. But none was done until the end of Clinton’s presidency, 2000, followed by the second one in 2009 under Obama.

The report shrieks about such terrors as longer and warmer summers, shorter winters, more allergies, heavier downpours, etc. It blames wildfires on climate change, rather than “green” fire-fighting policies, budget-cutting, and the longtime prevention of large-scale water management projects.

The core of the report is a comparison of average year-round temperatures in a 22-year period (1991-2012) to a 60-year period (1901-1960), finding an increase of 1-2 degrees F over much of the country. Obviously, this does not establish whether the rise took place primarily in the 31-year period 1961-91 and was sustained, nor whether it was sustained past the 1990s. Thus the cry, “Climate change is already here!” is the same one raised since 2000, and may be based on the same increase over the same period.

Today’s New York Times U.S. map is blatantly part of the drumbeat. Focused on “Rising Temperatures,” it depicts the areas of significant temperature rise (2-3 degrees F) correlating quite poorly with the currently intensifying drought areas in the southern Plains and California/Nevada. Some of the largest areas of 3-plus degrees’ rise are in the upper Midwest and New England, which since 2010 have suffered primarily from colder, longer Winters.

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