Nuland Reads out her Lies from London

Victoria Nuland testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Ukraine yesterday, as she will to the House Foreign Affairs Committee Thursday morning. Everything she said was a lie made in London, but the Senators who spoke lapped it all up and wanted more.

She said that Russia had violated the April 17 Geneva agreements from the moment they were made, whereas Ukraine had adhered to them,— an incredible statement if ever there was one. She blamed all the violence and death on “pro-Russian separatists,”— even, explicitly, Friday’s Odessa holocaust where an ever-increasing number of so-called pro-Russian separatists were burned alive by a jeering mob of fascists. She pretended there will be “free and fair” Ukraine presidential elections on May 25, and said if there are not, it will be due to Russian obstruction. If Russia obstructs those so-called free and fair elections, the US will introduce “sectoral sanctions” against whole branches of Russian industry,— and she lied that German Chancellor Merkel had already agreed to that.

Another made-in-London bluff, its very phrases fashioned in London, was her threat of how the Ukraine revolution will hit Moscow next: “Unless Putin changes course, at some point in the not-too-distant future, the current nationalistic fever will break in Russia. When it does, it will give way to a sweaty and harsh realization of economic costs. Then, Russia’s citizens will ask: What have we really achieved? Instead of funding schools, hospitals, science and prosperity at home in Russia, we have squandered our national wealth on adventurism, interventionism and the ambitions of a leader who cares more about empire than his own citizens.”

As one of Obama’s controllers and a former aide to Dick Cheney, Nuland must know all there is to know about “adventurism, interventionism and the ambitions of a leader.”

On the other side of the coin, the US intelligence community, probably in conjunction with the Joint Chiefs, has apparently weighed in again on the lies paving the way to war. Speaking of the demonstrations in eastern and southern Ukraine, Nuland said, “As Secretary Kerry told this committee in April, we continue to have high confidence that Russia’s hand is behind this instability.”

As readers may recall from the latest London-directed Obama fiasco in Syria, “high confidence” is an insider’s code-phrase which means that important elements of the US intelligence community believe there’s insufficient evidence for the claim, or none at all.

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