Kesha Rogers Campaigns for Obama’s Impeachment

El Manana, a Spanish-language daily published out of Ciudad Reynosa, the largest city in the state of Tamaulipas, Mexico, located across the border from Hidalgo, Texas, today covered Democratic Party precandidate Kesha Roger’s May 6 presentation to the Commissioners’ Court of Hidalgo County.

Rogers is campaigning in the Rio Grande Valley until May 9, “to get her ideas out and put forward that no more looting of Americans to cover the debts of thieves can be allowed. She also is calling for protecting the Earth from asteroids and space climate, extending the frontiers of science,” El Manana reported, quoting her:

“My proposals are to bring the bankrupt financial system to an end. We have to return to a system of production, economic development and job creation. The first thing which must be done is to crush the Wall Street interests. Have a credit system to invest in projects. There is a drought and a water crisis.”

El Manana‘s correspondent added:

“In one of her speeches, Rogers pointed out that this is the time to speak truthfully, frankly and with courage. Unless the Democratic Party follows her leadership and breaks immediately, and publicly, with Wall Street, and crushes its genocidal fascist program, the nation will be lost, soon. She called on Americans to join her campaign, and ally with real producers, farmers, industrialists, scientists and many others, to reaffirm the United States’s true tradition of progress, which was last seen 50 years ago under the Presidency of a real democrat, John. F. Kennedy. Her campaign in Texas… is focused on ensuring that emergency measures be taken to save the republic.”

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