LaRouchePAC in Action in D.C.: Striking a Blow for Victory over Today’s British Fascists

LaRouchePAC was on the scene early in Washington, D.C. today, as the House of Representatives prepared to hear the latest war rhetoric from Witch of Windsor Victoria Nuland, and then get out of town for 10 days. Outside the Rayburn building, two organizers displayed the banner “Obama Backs Nazis in Ukraine, Impeach Obama Before He Starts World War.” It was clear from the response that people were paying attention.

As the time of the House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing approached, organizers deployed to intersect the Members of Congress attending. At least 20 Members were encountered and given a packet of literature which, combined, put the Nazi atrocities in Ukraine in the strategic context of the British war drive. Of these a number engaged in serious discussion about what should be done to defuse the crisis, without getting into a confrontation with Russia. They didn’t have a clue. LaRouchePAC organizer Stuart Rosenblatt made it a point to intersect chief witness Nuland, as he had done once before. “You should resign immediately,” he told her. “You are an embarrassment to Judaism. You are defending Nazis in Ukraine.” Nuland had no answer—and simply walked on into the hearing room, where she defended the Nazis in Ukraine.

Over the course of the entire day, LaRouchePAC organizers—who were joined by a delegation of citizens from New Jersey—talked directly to at least 40 Members of Congress. Organizers estimate that at least 80% of them wanted the LaRouchePAC material, and demonstrated themselves to be totally uninformed of what was actually going on in Ukraine on the most basic level, including the atrocity in Odessa.

Confronted on the press coverup, the Congressmen were quick to agree they were unbriefed. Some were coming up to LaRouchePAC organizers looking for “the latest.” One Congressman actually called out to an organizer, across an escalator, that he had read the material the organizer had given him the day before, and it was very interesting. Many repeated the line that they could not believe what was actually going on in Ukraine (such as the massacre in Odessa), and that they had never been briefed. “We don’t know anything,” was one frequent refrain.

Of particular note was what one Congresswoman told an LaRouchePAC organizer: that a leading Republican Congressman was in the Republican cloakroom handing out xeroxes of the packet he had received from LaRouchePAC organizers!

The LaRouchePAC team estimates that, over the course of the three days Congress was actually in session this week, at least 100 Congressmen were spoken with directly. The pattern of interest in what LaRouchePAC has to say is strong.

All the more important that, during the coming week’s House recess to the Districts, constituents keep up the pressure that Congress must act to actually defeat the war danger, by moving to wipe out the power of the British Empire with impeachment, and financial reorganization, beginning with Glass-Steagall.

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