Robert Parry: Putin Is Throwing Obama a Lifejacket in Ukraine; Obama Should Take it and Break with Neo-Cons

Investigative journalist Robert Parry advises Obama in an article published in Consortium News May 6, that if he wants to find a way back from the brink in Ukraine, as he did in Syria, he must work with Putin, and repudiate the one-sided narrative that has been created by his own State Department and the U.S. media, including acknowledging the neo-Nazi role in Ukraine.

“Obama will have to recognize the complex reality of Ukraine, a society deeply divided between the west and east, and acknowledge that the U.S.-backed Maidan revolt overthrowing elected President Victor Yanukovych was indeed spearheaded by neo-Nazi militias who continue to brutalize political opponents, including the May 2 massacre in Odessa that killed dozens of ethnic Russians.”

To solve the crisis, says Parry, Obama would have to come down off the U.S. “high horse” and admit that his own administration has been “spinning the facts,” and he’d have to recognize that Putin’s cooperation is essential to bringing this increasingly bloody crisis under control.

All true. But the British Queen would not like this at all, whose hand in bringing about the Ukraine crisis as a path to World War III is ignored by all analysts except Lyndon LaRouche. It is the British Empire looking at a financial collapse, not any “team of rivals,” which Obama is afraid to buck.

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