Former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser: Break With The British Imperial Tradition and the Obama Asia Pivot

In his new book Dangerous Allies, released on May 1, former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser (1975-1983) has called for Australia to reassert its sovereignty and throw a monkey wrench into the British/Obama plans for thermonuclear world war by kicking the U.S. Marines out of Darwin and shutting down American involvement in the Pine Gap signals station which targets Russia and China, among other necessary war-avoidance actions. In response, the Oxford-trained, nominally Australian “strategic thinker” and warmonger Hugh White screeched that Fraser’s intervention constituted “the most dramatic proposal by a senior Australian politician in defense and foreign policy issues since the 1930s.”

Fraser has long warned that the U.S. targeting of China (and Russia) with its ballistic missile defence (BMD) system, and the policy of “containing” China, including through Barack Obama’s Asia Pivot, which involves Australia, is leading toward thermonuclear war, in which Australia will most certainly be a target. The former Prime Minister starkly warned that Australia’s hosting of the U.S. Marine Air-Ground Task Force in Darwin targeted at China, the deployment of guided missile frigate H.M.A.S. Sydney as part of the 7th Fleet of U.S.S. Washington, the appointment of Australian Maj. Gen. Rick Burr as second in command of the U.S. Army in the Western Pacific, and Australia’s hosting of Pine Gap as a targeting installation for America’s nuclear missile systems and murderous drones program, makes it automatically involved in U.S. wars, in the same way historically that Australia was automatically involved in British wars.

Therefore, Australia must cut these ties. Fraser writes, “To avoid complicity in America’s future military operations, the Marine Air-Ground Task Force would be asked to leave. The deployment of our frigate, as part of the carrier strike group, would cease and Major General Burr would be replaced, presumably by an American. These three actions could be undertaken relatively easily and quickly, without too much disruption. Pine Gap is another matter To shut the facility down forthwith would leave a gap in America’s strategic capabilities, which would be much more than an annoyance to the United States, but a requirement to close it within five years would be reasonable.”

Fraser expounded to interviewer Robert Manne in a Sydney Morning Herald website video posted on April 25, “I’m asking Australia to break with her long past—the whole history of Australia from colonial times Britain had the capacity to drag us into wars, and America now has the capacity to drag us into wars, and I think it is time we grew up.” Fraser has repeatedly named Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, and other neo-conservatives as propelling the world toward war.

Fraser also proposes that Australia pursue a policy of economic development instead of rushing headlong into war. “We should also make up our minds to do something with Australia as a nation,” he stated. “And just as Australians did after World War II: ‘Look, we’re not defensible with 7 million people. We’ve got to build, we’ve got to have more people from more countries.’ We could afford it, we could be a nation of 40-45 million people, we’d have to spend, invest in environment and water and infrastructure, but these things are not beyond us.”

Last month, Fraser was one of the few Western statesmen to speak out against the Obama Administration’s backing of the neo-Nazi gangs in Ukraine which overthrew the elected Ukrainian government. Fraser pinned the blame for the present dangerous flashpoint with Russia on the long-term Anglo-American strategy since 1991 of encircling Russia with NATO forward bases and BMD installations.

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