Obama Peddles Solar Power While Visiting Walmart, Further Dumping on Labor

A few days after the White House released a wild fabrication about global warming, Obama announced new executive actions to promote solar power in the private sector. Even worse, he made the announcement at a Walmart in California, seeming to have forgotten that six years ago he pledged not to shop at the union-busting, slave-wages monstrosity. Obama was introduced by Walmart’s President and CEO, Bill Simon, and praised him for pledging to increase solar panels at Walmart Stores, while announcing that he is restoring the solar panels on the White House that Carter had installed (but which Reagan took down).

Organized labor took note: Joe Hansen, president of the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union, issued a statement saying: “President Obama will stand side by side with a company known for low wages, few benefits, unreliable hours, discrimination against women, violating workers rights, and yes, environmental degradation.”

Robert Reich, Secretary of Labor during the Clinton Administration, asked on Facebook: “What numbskull in the White House arranged this?” There are plenty to choose from.

It 2007 Obama told an AFL-CIO forum, “I wont shop there,” when asked about the company, according to the Chicago Sun-Times, and in January 2008, Obama’s campaign blasted candidate Hillary Clinton for serving on the Walmart board. An Obama spokesman declared the retailer one of the least environmentally-friendly, least labor-union friendly companies in the country.

Obama of course lauded his “energy plan”—more fracking, energy independence, solar, etc. He bragged that, because Congress hasn’t implemented the genocidal green policies he wants, he has “taken more than 20 executive actions” to get around the Constitution.

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