Queen Wields Guatemalan Government in Opium War on United States

Almost the entirety of the heroin which is killing American youth in growing numbers across the United States comes from south of the border, from Mexico, Guatemala, and Colombia. From London came the threat again, this week, that the government of Guatemala intends to increase the flow of heroin north, by legalizing, regulating, and profiting off the opium poppy plantations stretching across its northern border with Mexico.

The project to legalize opium production in the Americas, starting in Guatemala, is planned, directed, and financed from London. As is the spread of marijuana legalization, from the U.S. to Uruguay, and our British traitor President, Barack Obama, which is complicit in supporting London’s war against the Americas.

To the cheers of London’s Economist, with the usual funding and personnel provided by George Soros, the London School of Economics (LSE) released on May 7 yet another “expert report” urging an immediate restoration of the global dope trade as in the heyday of the British Empire’s opium wars. The Interior Minister of Guatemala, Mauricio Bonilla López, was the keynote speaker at the presentation of the 84-page report, “Ending the Drug Wars: Report of the LSE Expert Group on the Economics of Drug Policy,” and the LSE announced that Guatemalan President Otto Perez Molina will be the one to present their report to international bodies.

The LSE, apparently out to re-brand itself as the LSD, summarized its report as arguing for a two-pronged strategy towards drugs: “Resources should be drastically reallocated away from law enforcement and repressive policies,” while States should be allowed to pursue experiments in regulating drug consumption and production. “The places that legalise cannabis first will provide an external benefit to the rest of the world in the form of knowledge, regardless of how the experiments turn out. As a result, pioneering jurisdictions should be accepted as long as they take adequate measures to prevent exports.”

British wire service Reuters published an interview with the star clown of the LSE circus, Bonilla López, under the headline: “Guatemala Sees Opium Poppies As Potential Revenue.” López Bonilla told Reuters that the his government is considering taxing the sale of opium poppies, “if it opted to allow their cultivation for medical purposes;” legalizing production of marijuana; and decriminalizing small-scale drug offenses.

The Guatemalan government dope plan was drafted for it by Lady Neidpath, Countess of Weysmuss and March (a.k.a. Amanda Feilding), whose Beckley Foundation promotes the legalization of every psychedelic or narcotic ever known, from the House of Lords itself. The one feature of her January 2013 “Paths for Reform: Proposed Options for Alternative Drug Policies in Guatemala” not mentioned in press coverage of Bonilla Lopez’s London trip, is her recommendation that Guatemala promote the decriminalization of regional cocaine trafficking also.

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