Vitrenko Leads Victory over Fascism Day Rally in Kiev

In Ukraine’s capital city of Kiev, where the coup-installed regime organized no celebrations whatsoever for the traditional May 9 Victory Day anniversary of the defeat of fascism in 1945, the National Resistance Front against the Eurocolonization of Ukraine (NRFE) turned out in a rally of several hundred at the city’s tomb of the unknown soldier. NRFE initiator and chairman of the Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine Dr. Natalia Vitrenko and other activists, including two other former members of Parliament besides Vitrenko, addressed the crowd. The participants sang along with a broadcast recording of the famous march “Arise, Great Country!” composed in 1941 as the Nazis invaded the Soviet Union.

The group paraded through the streets to the monument, under their own party flags, a large replica of the Victory Flag (the Soviet flag, raised over the Reichstag in Berlin), and the wartime Order of Glory with a St. George’s ribbon—mocked in recent days by fascists in Ukraine as the “Colorado potato beetle” sign. A video of the rally can be seen here. The many comments under it thank Vitrenko and her associates for their courage in “saving Ukraine from total disgrace on Victory Day,” many adding things like, “Vitrenko is a dame with balls!”

The meeting issued a statement that accused U.S. President Barack Obama, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and French President François Hollande of “disgracing themselves by linking up with the Ukrainian fascists.” It continued, “Here, from the eternal flame in the Hero City of Kiev, we appeal to all Europeans, not to vote in the upcoming European Parliamentary elections for parties that supported the Euromaidan in Kiev, justified the coup d’état, carried out by Ukrainian neo-Nazis, and are covering for their crimes. We warn you that if you do not drive the accomplices of the neo-Nazis out of EU politics, then woe betide your countries tomorrow, for you will have your Odessas, Slavyansks, and Mariupols”—referring to cities in which large numbers of civilians have been killed in recent days.

Thursday Vitrenko web-posted a video message, “Victory Day Greetings from Ukraine, through Tears.” She reviewed three crucial World War II engagements in Ukraine, two of which involved scaling and taking seemingly unassailable fortified heights, the third being the Red Army’s recrossing of the Dneipr River on the westward campaign. She recalled that the Soviet Union lost 27 million dead in the war, of whom 6 million were Ukrainian. Talking about the current assault by Ukrainian armed forces on cities in the country’s eastern region, she displayed twisted pieces of metal, mementos she had collected in Tsvinkhal, South Ossetia, in August 2008, after the assault on that city by Grad rocket-launchers of the Georgian Army; such Soviet-era artillery is now massed around the town of Slavyansk.

Vitrenko personally addressed Merkel and other European leaders, recalling that during her February-March tour of France, Germany and Italy, she had warned of the consequences of fascist forces coming to power in Ukraine. She updated her briefings from that time, showing newspaper reports on polls done by independent NGOs in early February, which revealed that only 16% of the Ukrainian population was in favor of the Euromaidan insurgency at that point (as against upwards of 40% in December), after the major escalation by Right Sector, with its attacks on the police, on January 19. She also discussed the post-World War II protection of the Nazi collaborators from the Bandera movement by the U.S. CIA and British MI6, which planned to make use of them later on.

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