Lyndon LaRouche Issues Call to Action

The following statement, sent out as an e-mail to subscribers of the LaRouchePAC E-mail list, was issued by Lyndon LaRouche yesterday, in support of the candidacy of Kesha Rogers.

Kesha Rogers, running as a LaRouche Democrat for the U.S. Senate in Texas asked me on Friday (May 9) about the small thinking and pessimistic orientation she encounters on the campaign trail, describing the Texas population as beaten down.

The irony is that right now Texas is facing an existential crisis with this drought. There are no local solutions to this crisis. Only a crash national scientific program, aimed at moving water from the atmosphere coupled with thermonuclear powered water management projects throughout the Western states will prevent the West from becoming a desert with devastating consequences for its population and for our nations food supply. Fracking which wastes vital water supplies for the sole benefit of Wall Street speculators— must be shutdown. Either we implement this major national solution, or you and your family are facing a future of death and devastation.

Populations respond to leadership by the ready and the willing, not those who are going along to get along with the corrupt culture embraced by politicians today. The anti-science green policies, embraced by both Bush and Obama, have destroyed basic science and any scientific outlook generally, undermined our dedication to fundamental scientific and technological progress, and decimated the alliance of producers which used to be the Democratic Party. The result is a beaten population which only rarely accurately sees the future and acts within it, including addressing the catastrophes which are about to hit, because they are trapped completely in the present. They cant think. Their world is increasingly small. And now, in this crisis, that lack of foresight, that pessimism, can and will kill them.

I am writing this email because Kesha Rogers is someone who is capable of creating the future. Like John F. Kennedy’s challenge to go to the moon, she is capable of provoking the population to do what seems impossible under the present chains limiting their thinking, and to succeed in doing it. Rather than selling you out to Wall Street, she has an effective plan to destroy Wall Street’s power. The fact that you are on this email list means that you are already thinking more critically than most. Kesha and I need you to mobilize that power of thinking in order for her to win the crucial Democratic Primary runoff election for U.S. Senate which occurs on May 27th.

We have a real chance for victory here, a victory which will deliver a huge shock to the so-called political establishment. Despite the expenditure of over 4 million dollars by the Obama wing of the Democratic Party to defeat her, she stunned them by forcing the May 27th runoff. She is getting substantial press coverage because her appeal to the population cant be contained by sleaze ball tactics. Her opponent is the type of multi-millionaire sleaze ball who only Wall Street or the Washington D.C. political operatives who are running his campaign, can love. If she wins, Texas will have sent the most powerful shock possible concerning the need to impeach Barack Obama. At this moment of world-wide economic disintegration and devolution to world war, nothing could be more important. If she wins, it will also be the first step into a different and better future—one which we are creating.

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