Digital Journal Runs Lengthy Interview with Kesha Rogers

Digital Journal, an internet journal based in Canada, which was previously a glossy magazine, ran a lengthy interview with U.S. Senate candidate Kesha Rogers Thursday. Its introduction calls Kesha “a most interesting U.S. Senate candidate.”

Although interviewer Brett Wilkins raises many worn-out slanders of LaRouche, Kesha handles them head on, in short order, and then pivots to explain LaRouche’s economic and scientific ideas.

Replying to the statement, “You are a Democrat, yet you have called for the impeachment of Obama,” Kesha rolls through Obama’s impeachable offenses and Constitutional violations. To the question of her campaign pictures of Obama with a Hitler mustache, Kesha says, “All the things (Constitutional violations) I have mentioned have made Obama deserve the mustache outright. And until he is impeached, it will stay with him. I’m appealing to voters by actually telling the truth. Mr. LaRouche made the clear forecast or warning about the character of President Obama as being similar to Adolf Hitler and Nero.” Kesha then explains that Obamacare “puts cost-effective measures before human life,” and singles out “Those who are undeserving to live.” Kesha compares the “SuperEgoGenocidalNarcissistPsychosis” campaign video as a “the type of humor Shakespeare represents in his writings going after an oligarchical system. Obama is a president with a narcisstic complex, and it must be exposed.”

To straightforward questions on the economy, Glass-Steagall, Kesha says “If Glass-Steagall had not been repealed, we could have made sure that trillions of dollars in Wall Street speculation would not have been possible.”

Kesha is asked about space exploration and planetary protection from asteroids. She refers to Chelyabinsk as a demonstration of the need for protection of mankind and survival of the planet: “We have to go into space to give people a sense of a national program that is mission-oriented. Apollo wasn’t just about sending people into space. It transformed so much of our economy.” Kesha develops the Chinese plan to mine Helium 3, needed for fusion power, on the moon. She concludes by developing why we must have Classical education, which emphasizes original discovery, instead of teaching and learning for tests. Kesha says she was drawn to LaRouche by his economic forecasts, and real solutions. She concludes by urging all critics of LaRouche to “actually go and read or listen to Mr. LaRouche’s remarks and what he has said about how to bring about the common interest and common aims of mankind for all races and all people.”

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