Rogers Campaign in Non-Stop Mobilization for Last Five Days; Texas Pundit Worries, “She Could Prevail”

The Kesha Rogers for Senate campaign in Texas is now mobilized non-stop for five days of big phone banks, rallies, banners, walking tours, and media interviews until Kesha’s victory party Tuesday at 8:00 p.m. Texas time. If she wins the Democratic run-off, as Lyndon LaRouche first noted weeks ago, the entire U.S. political/election landscape will change, Barack Obama can be quickly impeached, and a perspective of hope open up for sane national solutions to the threats of financial collapse, war, and devastating drought.

On Thursday, the candidate gave three more media interviews. The first was a 20-minute session with a Spanish-language newspaper in San Antonio, conducted by a reporter who had been at the LULAC meeting there to see the astonishing spectacle of Kesha Rogers invited specially to address the meeting, and then not allowed to speak, because of national Democratic Party pressure. The second interview, unique so far for this campaign, was a three-minute Univision interview to be aired Saturday and Sunday on the big Spanish-language network. The third was a follow-up second interview by the Washington Free Beacon.

Tellingly, the latest e-mail attacking Kesha sent out by her opponent, Republican moneybags-turned-Democrat David Alameel, immediately elicited calls into the Rogers for Senate office. Alameel contrasted his endorsement by Obama, with Rogers’ by Lyndon LaRouche. The first caller hated Obama, so was cancelling his planned vote for Alameel and voting for Kesha. [Hopefully, Alameel’s was a really large mass e-mail.]

ABC-TV in Austin (KVUE) covered the race Friday, in a spot which included: “Rogers has been shunned by the Texas Democratic Party in part over her calls for the President’s impeachment. Rogers wrote of Democratic President Barack Obama in the Texas Tribune’s TribTalk feature, ‘Obama’s crimes take on genocidal proportions, much worse than Adolf Hitler’s.’

“‘We’re headed to the brink of World War III. Thermonuclear war,’ Rogers warned the audience in an April forum hosted by the Llano County Tea Party, which was posted to her campaign’s YouTube channel.

“‘With voters not knowing anything about either of these two candidates, she could prevail,’ said Harvey Kronberg, a longtime Texas politics watcher and editor of The Quorum Report. For a state party seeking unity on the November ballot, Kronberg says Rogers appearing at the top of the ticket would create an awkward predicament for Democrats.”

Only for Obama “Democrats,” a dwindling minority.

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