Russia Today: ‘If Anyone Knows Real Nazis, It’s the Royal Family’

Russia Today TV News ran a short but devastating exposure of Prince Charles and the Nazi-loving royals, in the wake of Prince Charles’s attack on Russian President Vladimir Putin as a modern Hitler.

Senior political correspondent Anissa Naouai on RT’s “In the Now” program told her viewers: “If anyone knows real Nazis, it’s the Royal Family.” She proceeded to show a royal family tree connection to Hitler and the Nazis, featuring Queen Elizabeth II, Edward VIII, Prince Philip, Charles, and Prince Harry. She proceeds through each, starting with the Duke of Windsor, Charles’s maternal great-uncle, photographed visiting Hitler at his Obersalzberg retreat in 1937, shortly after abdicating as Edward VIII, and adding that his wife, Wallis Simpson, “hung out with Hitler.” Next she displays Prince Philip revealing that his sister Sophie married an SS officer. This was followed by the famous picture of Philip between his two cousins, both Nazi Party members, decked out in their Nazi uniforms; Naouai points out “There’s Daddy, on the right.” It concluded with the photo of Prince Harry, wearing his Nazi uniform, about which Naouai says, “And then Prince Charles’s very own son likes to dress up like a Nazi even if it’s just for Halloween,” adding: “Perhaps royals are better seen and not heard.”

Meanwhile, the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office refused to respond to Russian concerns over Prince Charles’s comment that Putin is Hitler. At a meeting at the FCO, a British official told Russian Deputy Ambassador Alexander Kramarenko yesterday that “the Foreign Office could not be expected to comment upon reports of private conversations,” despite the fact that Kramaranko had reportedly said that Charles’s comments were “unacceptable.”

See LPAC’s exhaustive documentation: ‘It’s the British Empire, Stupid!’

Russia Today Op-Ed: Charles’s Remarks Furthering a “Move to Nuclear War in Europe”

“Are we witnessing the death throes of the British monarchy?” reads a subhead in in Russia Today by Tony Gosling, a British activist and investigative journalist. It is yet another article blasting the satanic Prince Charles for comparing Russian President Putin to Hitler, and this article takes on the strategic dimension, saying the monarchy is bringing about nuclear war:

“Outside his charmed circle, Charles’s ungracious remarks …. demonstrate both a perverse underplaying of the 25 million Soviet dead of World War II and a further move toward nuclear war today in Europe,” Gosling writes. “The party leaders [in defending Charles] have also refused to recognize Charles’s own government and armed forces backing for the post-coup Ukrainian government, key Right Sector elements of which proudly sport pictures of Nazis such as war criminal Stepan Bandera on their Kiev walls.”

The article goes all the way back to 1348 in chronicling the crimes of the British royals and Empire, playing up every known detail about the Nazi connections of Prince Philip, King Edward (who abdicated), and even of Charles himself.

It spotlights the documentary film “Unlawful Killing” about the murder of Charles’s wife, Princess Diana, and points out that the film has been effectively banned in the United Kingdom.

The satanic Prince may have inadvertently done one good thing with his stupid remark: He provoked Russia to openly go after the British Empire and all its evil roots.

Gosling’s lengthy article starts by demolishing the lie that Charles was making a “private statement,” and then gets right to the Nazi point:

“Charles’s flippant remarks draw unwelcome attention to his own and his family’s close connections to Nazis, and related war-mongering.

“His father Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, was educated for a time in Nazi Germany, and his four sisters married black-uniformed SS officers (three of them, Sophie, Cecile, and Margarita, joining the Nazi party). Philip admitted to then having ‘inhibitions about the Jews’ to an American academic, and feeling ‘jealousy of their success.’ Charles’s great uncle, the abdicated ex-King Edward VIII, was such a swastika-waver that MI6 had to banish him to Bermuda for the duration of World War II, thwarting his and his Nazi wife, Mrs. Simpson’s, attempts to join Hitler by crossing into occupied Europe.

“Charles himself has come quite close to publicly endorsing Hitler’s slippery chief Architect and Armaments Minister Albert Speer by hiring Speer’s greatest devotee, Léon Krier, as his own chief architect for his Duchy of Cornwall’s extensive building projects. Writer and broadcaster Jonathan Meades in his 1994 documentary, ‘Jerry Building’ nails Krier as the ‘Speer-carrier’ and ‘Keeper of the Toxic Flame,’ pointing out that every one of Speer’s creations, which include the Nuremberg rally stadium, is inseparable from the inhuman experimentation and forced concentration camp labor used to construct them.”

The lengthy article has a wealth of detail about centuries of crimes by the British royals.

Gosling notes that Charles I “lost his head” in 1649, and concludes the article saying that Charles’ remarks and those who defend them, “represent one more nail in the coffin of the British monarchy.”

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