British Empire “Alarmed” at European Elections Earthquake

The overall outcome of the European Parliament elections on Sunday was a “political earthquake,” Bueso Chairwoman Helga Zepp-LaRouche reported yesterday in a discussion with associates. The strong anti-Europe vote which swept a half dozen countries–in some countries for “left” parties, in some for “right” ones–was particularly notable in France, where the National Front (FN) got twice the number of votes as President Francois Hollande’s Socialist Party, and in the United Kingdom, where UKIP beat out both the Conservatives and the Labour Party for the first time in decades.

Mrs. Zepp-LaRouche cautioned against thinking that the British Empire’s pro-European faction will sit around licking their wounds for long; rather, they know they have to move ahead quickly with their fascist policies, given that their entire financial system is coming crumbling down now.

The principal British imperial media, such as the Financial Times and the Telegraph, reflect a sense of growing panic, and are particularly concerned about the strategic significance of the French results. In an article headlined “Stark warning from Europe’s voters,” the FT reports that “the populist surge has been startling” across the board, but “the most alarming outcome was the one in France. The triumph of the FN and the shattering defeat for the Socialist party have dealt another setback to Francois Hollande’s dismal presidency. The result makes it harder for France to play a full role beside Germany as the traditional motor of European integration.” The Financial Times then instructs Hollande that he should fall on the sword for the Queen: his “painful economic reform program… may be unpopular. But after this weekend’s results, Mr. Holllande has nothing left to lose by sticking to that course.”

The London Telegraph likewise emphasizes that Hollande’s drubbing “raises serious questions over his government’s ability to implement economic measures demanded by the eurozone to preserve the stability of the EU’s single currency”–ie that this could throw the whole European Union project into a cocked hat. Italian business publications are also saying that the era of European reforms is over, since the French-German alliance for Europe is finished.

The EU will hold (yet another) summit meeting today, to “seek a way out of the election quagmire,” Associated Press reports, which has them “shaken to the core.”

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