EU, Brute?

The knives are out in London, the heart of the British, or more correctly Brutish Empire. As the aftershocks from the election earthquake—set off by the anti-Euro right-wing UKIP party victory in the European Parliament elections on Sunday —rock the mainstream parties.

Lest the impact of the election encourage Labour Party leaders to change course, the miserable little Queen’s hitman, Tony Blair, attacked the UKIP as a threat to British interests in a Monday interview with BBC, and instructed Labour Party leader Ed Miliband that the party must not deviate from the imperial EU course. Typically thuggish, Blair stated: “the rationale for Europe today is probably stronger than it’s ever been… the rationale for Europe today is power.”

War has broken out within the ranks of the Liberal Democratic party after it came in fifth in the elections, with its presence in the European Parliament reduced from 11 to one. If party leader Nick Clegg goes down, so could the Tory-LibDem coalition government in which he serves as Deputy Prime Minister. Clegg is a European Union fanatic who last week rushed to defend Prince Charles’s right to slander Vladimir Putin as a new Hitler. He, too, told the BBC after the elections that his party must stay the course in supporting the (hated) imperial EU project.

A “Clegg must go” movement went into action. Two LibDem MP’s called for Clegg to quit as party leader, and rumors circulated that others could join them. The Guardian published the results of a private poll, which found that only if Clegg were replaced, could the party salvage four seats, including Clegg’s own, in the next national elections.

Clegg supporters quickly identified LibDem Clegg-opponent Lord Oakeshott—an outspoken supporter of Glass-Steagall bank separation—as behind the poll and its publication. Clegg said “appropriate steps” would be taken against this “attempt at a coup,” and party heavyweight and former SAS commando Lord Ashdown subtly informed the London Times that he had already threatened Lord Oakeshott that he would “cut your head off and then your testicles,” if he were caught taking actions against Clegg.

Lord Oakeshott today issued an unrepentant statement, warning that the party “is heading for disaster” if Clegg remains. He announced that he was resigning from “the party I helped to found,” and taking a leave of absence from the House of Lords, in a move which is clearly not the end of the story.

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