LaRouche Democat Kesha Rogers: “We Have Changed History, Now Let’s Finish the Job”

Kesha speaks to her supporters

Kesha speaks to her supporters

Dear Friend,

My campaign for the U.S. Senate in Texas has changed history.  We built a powerful Gideon’s army to fight for the future of our nation, one which embraces the identity of a true republic, above party, as our founding fathers had intended.  Your contributions to this campaign, from all across the state and throughout the nation, will be honored by future generations, which will see in them a true fight in the interest of our nation’s future. I am grateful to all of you for all you have given and the sacrifices you have made in this fight.

The war to defeat the enemy of mankind does not stop here.  Our fight for a renewed republic must go on, in the interest of the future. The victory that was gained by gloating Obama loyalists and Pro-wall Street Democrats on May 27th was a Pyrrhic one, in which their method of victory — suppressing the vote — will haunt them in the future, as voters reject them, for their unwillingness to tackle the real crises facing our nation.  There was no substance to it. No inspiration.  How can they be trusted to address the real challenge before them: A drought stricken, food depleted, financially bankrupt, dying Texas, left without a truly scientific mission to conquer these threats?

Our identity must come from creating the future.  Each of us must ask, what is going to be our next step to continue the fight to shape the future?  We have changed the discussion of politics in this nation with what we did in this campaign, laying the truth of the impeachable crimes of Obama and impeachment right at people’s doorsteps, while presenting them with a sound solution, and there were many who chose to respond.

The only way to win wars and gain victory over our nation’s historic enemy, centered today in the City of London, is through strategic thinking, flanking them.  Some battles are won and some are lost, but in the end, the ultimate victory will come from the fight to save mankind from a dying Empire, the intent of which is to destroy the identity of the truly creative human mind, which is capable of mastering and solving any problem which confronts us.  Victory over that enemy does not come from a vote!  Victory over that enemy is obtained through changing and transforming the population, to a level of understanding their God-given creative potential, to actually take responsibility for being an instrument of the Creator, as we are in the image of the Creator, to be able to continue that process of creation, with mastery over the universe.

A real future for Texas begins with the commitment to a renewed science driver mission for the nation. That, above anything else, is our the means by which we may transform the future.

As economist Lyndon LaRouche warned, decades ago, if the Democratic Party turned into an anti-science, anti-growth environmentalist front for Wall Street, then the party would destroy itself.  And that is what it has continued to do.

We must put an end to this destructive policy once and for all, and the fight shall go on.  There is still much more to be done. I ask that you continue to join with me in bringing about the true identity of the Democratic Party, making this party the party of Roosevelt, and Kennedy, with the mission to advance science and productive economic growth, while crushing the environmentalist agenda. If people see that our focus and strategic thrust is always aimed at creating and shaping the future, then they are going to be more empowered than ever.

Yours in the fight,
Kesha Rogers

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