‘Nuclear War Has No Winner’

Steven Starr, senior scientist for Physicians for Social Responsibility, has issued an urgently-needed warning that Americans must mobilize to prevent nuclear war, because it will be an extinction war for humanity. “The uninformed are leading the uninformed toward the abyss of extinction,” Starr wrote, because this is not debated in any presidential election, discussed by the media, taught in U.S. schools, or apparently understood by the people in charge of the nuclear arsenals.

Starr wrote “The Lethality of Nuclear Weapons,” published on May 30, on Paul Craig Roberts’ website, in support of Roberts’s own warnings that “a U.S.-Russian nuclear war would wipe out the human race, along with all other forms of life.”

Starr reviews the series of scientific studies done since 2006 —featured also in “Unsurvivable,” LPAC’s inescapably unnerving video on the threat of thermonuclear war— which demonstrate that a “small” nuclear war, using only 1% of of either Russian or U.S. launch-ready nuclear weapons, would lead to global famine in and the deaths of up to two billion people, while “a war fought with less than half of US or Russian strategic nuclear weapons would destroy the human race.”

Starr wrote: “We hear only about terrorist threats that could destroy a city with an atomic bomb, while the threat of human extinction from nuclear war is never mentioned—even when the US and Russia are each running huge nuclear war games in preparation for a US-Russian war…Even more frightening, is the fact that the neo-Cons running US foreign policy believe that the US has nuclear primacy over Russia; that is, the US could successfully launch a nuclear sneak attack against Russian (and Chinese) nuclear forces and completely destroy them.”

Starr reports that he and Russian Col. Valery Yarynich, formerly in charge of security for the Soviet/Russian nuclear command and control systems, authored a joint rebuttal to a 2006 Foreign Affairs article propounding that insanity. Their rebuttal triggered a broad discussion in Russia, but the authors could not get it published in the U.S. media. He concludes:

“The need is dire for the president of the U.S., Russia, or China to state in a highly public forum that the existence of nuclear weapons creates the possibility of their use and that their use in war would likely mean human extinction. As nuclear war has no winners, the weapons should be banned and destroyed before they destroy all of us.”

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