The China-Russia-India Agenda

Lyndon LaRouche: Well, we’re having a very interesting time, internationally, because we’re having a change, as I’ve said on a number of recent occasions: We have a triad which has emerged in Europe, as such; we have a triad in Eurasia, which is now functioning, or will be functioning, India’s coming on. So the triad in, for example in Europe is located essentially in France, Germany, and Italy. In Eurasia, it’s Russia, China in a big way, and also, now India coming in. So, we have a situation as such that we do have options, particularly what’s happened in France in attacking the British system of the British, in trying to break up the euro system which is a very useful thing to bring off.

Lyndon LaRouche, from the June 2nd LaRouchePAC Policy Committee Show.

Lyndon LaRouche identified the types of cooperation, and policies of development that have emerged from Asia recently, in complete contrast to what has been the dying Trans-Atlantic system. Here we will elaborate some recent items as regards development of these nations.

Infrastructure Projects on the China-Russia-India Agenda

The Finance Ministers of China and Russia will meet today and are scheduled to sign an agreement for the cooperation of their ministries, according to a brief RIA Novosti wire.

The results of the meeting will be otherwise to be seen, but RIA Novosti reports that on the agenda will be new investment projects for the Russian National Welfare Fund (RNWF), which is Russia’s very large sovereign wealth fund.

This Fund has up to this year been used in a monetarist fashion, as a “ruble stabilization and defense” mechanism, despite strong objections to this from competent economists in Russia. During 2013 Russian President Putin made a decision that up to half the fund could be invested into new infrastructure platforms; this could range to the large sum of $450 billion in investment

The ministers’ meeting and the RIA Novosti report raise the possible prospect that the RNWF could begin to be used as a credit mechanism in conjunction with Chinese state banks.
Industrial Corridors

Also June 3, the first high level India-China meeting since President Rajendra Modi’s election will take place, with the visit of China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi. The Economic Times reports that the visit follows a call by Chinese Prime Minister Li Quequiang for a “robust economic/strategic relationship” in a telephone call to Modi.The Economic Times, essentially reporting the Indian Commerce Department’s approach to this session, says India will invite China to launch investments in building high-speed rail and roads in India, and perhaps in India’s “industrial corridors” project areas, like the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor. India will want in exchange, measures to change its very large trade deficit with China, by exporting pharmaceuticals, IT software and systems. There is no discussion, in this report, of joint credit/investment operations.

Russia Calls UN Security Council Meeting on Ukraine

Russia is again sounding the voice of caution and international law, in global diplomacy.

Assuming its one-month rotating presidency of the UN Security Council, Russia called for the Council to take up a draft resolution to create a humanitarian corridor to allow Ukrainians to escape the fighting escalating in the southeast of that country.

Ukrainians in the area are sending their children out of the region en masse. Repeated shelling of civilian areas of Slavyansk is still being reported; in Luhansk, the administration building of the self-proclaimed Luhansk People’s Republic was hit by bombs dropped from a fighter jet, reportedly killing five people and wounding ten others; clashes at a border post in the Luhansk region raged for at least 10 hours. Nazi elements, confident of their Western sponsors, are boasting that massacres will continue. Semen Semenchenko, commander of the Right Sector Donbass battalion, promised “anti-terror operation” could go on for as long as a year, RIA Novosti reported.
No Obstacles to Humanitarian Aid

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov announced the initiative in a press conference in Moscow yesterday morning. “We are very concerned by what is going on there. People are being killed every day; there are more and more casualties among civilians, peaceful people. Army, combat aircraft, heavy weaponry are being used against them, residential districts come under fire. It all can be seen practically in real time. Unfortunately, most of the media hush up this information, show different pictures,” he said.Informal discussions by the Security Council on the resolution were reportedly to begin late in the afternoon today, but Lavrov reported that it would contain demands “to immediately create an aid corridor along which peaceful citizens can leave the regions where military activity is happening if they want,” and that it calls for “every assistance to the activities of the International Red Cross and other international humanitarian organizations in southeastern Ukraine.”

“We want the Security Council to demand that no obstacles are put up to prevent the peaceful population from leaving the zones of military operations or to prevent the delivery of humanitarian aid to these zones,” wire services quote him as saying.

Asked about proposals for humanitarian corridors for Syria, which Russia has rejected, Lavrov pointed out that Russia had taken care to ensure this Ukraine resolution was “depoliticized,” and Russia is ready to consider a similar resolution for Syria—if it were likewise depoliticized, and not “used as a pretext to fuel tensions and mobilize public opinion to support foreign intervention in the crisis in Syria.” Lavrov cited Western insistence on sticking on sanctions and citing Chapter 7 of the UN Charter, which provides for the possibility of outside military intervention. This is “unacceptable because we know the plans of those who make such proposals.”

Russians Recalls Apollo-Soyuz Mission Space Cooperation

“Let me be blunt: We’ve already been to the moon.” -President Obama, April 15th, 2010

As President Obama has attempted to destroy America’s capabilities for Space exploration and scientific achievement, the Russians have pointed out that Space cooperation has been, and implicitly could again become a key area of cooperation between Russia and the United States, and we would add, China and India.

On the occasion of the 80th birthday of veteran cosmonaut Alexei Leonov, both Russian President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev sent public congratulations to the celebrations on May 30. Leonov carried out the first space walk (extravehicular activity, EVA) in space, in March 1965. While this brave act (which almost cost him his life) is certainly deserving of commemoration, it is unusual for Russia’s head of state and head of government to make public remarks about a cosmonaut, aside from the April 12 Cosmonautics Day celebrations of Yuri Gagarin’s first manned space mission. There was clearly another reason for the high profile.

Gen. Leonov (ret.) was the Commander of the Russian Soyuz spacecraft which docked in Earth orbit with an Apollo command module in 1975. Leonov, who speaks English, and the American Commander, Gen. Tom Stafford (ret.), who speaks Russian, have remained good friends, and periodically appear together at various space events in Washington.

In his birthday remarks, Medvedev noted, referring to the Apollo-Soyuz mission, which he described as “a link-up of détente”: “Today, this is a reminder to all of us that space is a platform for the closest and most fruitful cooperation,” ITAR-Tass reported. The Apollo-Soyuz mission laid the basis for the Shuttle-Mir program in the 1990s, and the current collaboration on the International Space Station.

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