Democrats Breaking with Obama — All Patriots Must Go For Impeachment Now

The results of the Texas elections, in which a pro-Obama Texas Democratic Party self-destructed to stop Kesha Rogers, are paradigmatic of the entire situation for the Democratic Party. Unless leading Democrats break with Obama all the way and go for impeachment, the Democratic Party—and the United States economy—will be wrecked by Obama by the time of the November midterm elections; unless, that is, Obama on orders from London provokes a full-scale thermonuclear showdown leading to human extinction. Those are the choices confronting the Democratic Party as of the Texas primaries last week. LaRouchePAC activists are the only proper messengers to deliver that pointed warning.

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In conversations on Wednesday, Lyndon LaRouche underscored that the victory of Kesha Rogers in Texas has accelerated the drive to impeach Obama. We have reports from Capitol Hill that there is a brewing revolt against Obama on the part of Democrats and that it is not about this or that “issue.” It is finally at the point that the issue is Obama, himself. The cumulative impact of Obama’s own treachery has now reached a breaking-point. Democrats from states that will be wiped out by the EPA regulations on coal-fired power plants know that they have been thrown under the bus by Obama. Dianne Feinstein is typical of the array of national security veteran Democrats, also including Jay Rockefeller, who are furious that the White House lied openly about the Bergdahl-Taliban deal in clear violation of a law that Obama himself signed. The Congressional Black Caucus is deeply split and is on the verge of breaking up over the Obama issue, with some of the Caucus leaders taking big payoffs from Wall Street to keep defending Obama while the majority of members hate Obama with a passion.

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Under these circumstances, Obama’s removal from office is now both a real possibility and an existential issue. If you want to remove the danger of thermonuclear war of extinction, Obama has to go now. If you want to save the United States and the whole population from absolute ruin, Obama has to go. There is no way to defend the Constitution or the general welfare if Obama remains in office.

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In his visit to Warsaw on Wednesday, Obama pushed the confrontation with Russia several steps further, by announcing that he will ask Congress for $1 billion in added defense spending to build up troops and hardware in Central Europe bordering Russia. The Russian government has developed a new national security doctrine in response to the American policy of global regime-change and the dismantling of Russia. There are new deployments of B-52 bombers to the U.S. Eurcom, and another Aegis-equipped destroyer to Rota, Spain, as part of the European missile defense scheme. Russian military officials and analysts have reiterated that the U.S. is moving to implement a first-strike doctrine and that Russia is prepared to defeat that strategy with new technologies. Obama’s bellicose noises are not sitting well with European allies. Putin, in Normandy on Friday for the 70th anniversary of the D-Day invasion, will be having bilateral meetings with Cameron, Merkel, and Hollande. French industrial firms refused to boycott the St. Petersburg Economic Forum, and Putin delivered an impressive, statesmanlike series of answers to two aggressive French journalists during a thirty- minute interview that aired Wednesday evening on French TV.

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The triad of Germany, France, and Italy is emerging in Europe as a counterpole to the British Empire. In Asia, the triad of Russia, China, and India is far more advanced in promoting genuine Eurasian development. A post-Obama United States, led by a revived LaRouche-FDR-JFK Democratic Party, is perfectly aligned with that Eurasian combination. This is a revolution of unprecedented scale, and this is our mission.

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The campaign of Kesha Rogers set the standard for the organizing method needed to turn the country and the Democratic Party upside down. Obama out now!

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