Steger: We Are Shaping the Presidency with These Campaigns

In preparation for the mid-term elections this November, another round of statewide primary election results made headlines across the country, yesterday morning. Among those results were the campaigns of LaRouche Democrats were:

  • Michael Steger (CA-12), who earned 1.4% of the vote with 1,152 votes
  • Diane Sare (NJ-5), who earned 10% of the vote with 932 votes
  • Bruce Todd (NJ-3) earning 4.8% with 673 votes

Michael Steger, candidate for Congress in California

The front running campaign of Michael Steger, who ran a coordinated offensive with U.S. Senate candidate Kesha Rogers (Texas), served as a trail-blazing, above-party-politics effort to bring disgruntled citizens across the country into a truly American Revolutionary campaign to reorient the American people around Obama’s impeachment, the global economic crisis his administration has further exacerbated, and the necessary solutions to bring the Democratic Party and the nation back to the tradition of FDR and JFK.

“This campaign opened up parts of San Francisco that have been forgotten by the party establishments,” Michael Steger said, reflecting on what he says is just the beginning of bringing the broad spectrum of Eurasian and Hispanic American voters together around a program of global development. “The election results pale in comparison to the resonance we received throughout the campaign.” Particularly effective were sit-down meetings with the various community leaders throughout the city, and highway banner deployments in the week leading up to the elections clearly indicating that a vote for LaRouche Democrat Michael Steger was a vote for Obama’s impeachment. One Vietnamese community leader said, after a long discussion with Michael, “We’ve been looking for someone to challenge Pelosi, and now we’ve found him.”

Leaders throughout the district were deeply appreciative of the campaign’s prodding that they, too, rise to the occasion, and recognize that each of the local issues to which they feel compelled to pay lip service, are merely symptoms of the larger, global crisis, which won’t be solved until Obama is removed and Wall Street is put in its place with Glass-Steagall.

As has been the case with most primary elections so far this year, the voter turnout, 20%, was shockingly low, even to the electioneers, who had expected better.

When asked where the campaign goes from here, Steger pointed out, “This campaign is not separate from the Texas campaign, it’s not separate from the economic crisis, it is not separate from shaping the Presidency. You have to get electoral consent for what the Presidency is going to be. What is clear from the response we have gotten from this joint Texas/California campaign, is that Obama’s impeachment and a LaRouche economic program has resonance with serious Americans. If you can get Texas on board with this policy and San Francisco and the rest of California on board, which is what we are demonstrating with these campaigns, this is the path you can take to the Presidency.”

In the immediate weeks ahead, the Steger campaign will be consolidating the mass outreach to the Eurasian American communities in the Bay Area and bringing these leaders together around a globally integrated economic solution.

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